10 Raj Comics Characters That Were Copied From Marvel/DC Comics

Hello readers! Welcome to Humor nation. Raj comics, as you must have read is an Indian comic book publisher. It was started in the year 1986 by Rajkumar Gupta. Some of its well-known characters are Nagraj, Super Commando, Dhruva, Bhokal, Inspector Steel is taken from Robocop, Anthony is taken from The Crow, Bankelal etc. But there’s no denying fact that these charters are more or less inspired or copied from Marvel/DC comics.

10 Raj comics characters that are said to be copied/inspired from Marvel/DC comics are as follows:

1. Super Commando Dhruv:

Super commando is originally inspired by Nightwing, but the way he is presented on screen with his detective style resembles Batman from DC comics. His star blades are very similar to that of batarangs. The only dissimilarity you can spot is that the identity of Batman is secret to the world, while Dhruv is known by all.

10 Raj Comics Characters That Were Copied From Marvel/DC Comics

2. Tiranga:

The character Tiranga is purely based on the Marvel character Captain America. Both are patriotic to the nation and wear the same type of capes and the shield which is common, exactly similar to Captain. After this, there is also a secret agency named X-squad just like that of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the agency even has a head X-ray similar to fury.

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3. Shakti:

The character Shakti resembles the character of Wonder-Woman. I mean how can’t you see the similarities. The only difference here is she is inspired by the power of Indian goddess Maa Kaali. One of the aim that both of the characters are introduced is for the sake of woman empowerment.

4. Yoddha:

The character Yoddha from the Raj comics gets as similar to Thor as it can get. The same weapon – The Hammer which is fitted with a shield and spare head, also with a mythological origin as Thor, Yoddha is the Warrior of the gods just like Thor.

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