10 Real Life Rambos In The World

Hello Readers! Welcome back to HUMOR NATION. The Sylvester Stallone character, popularly known as John Rambo had a pretty spectacular impression on all though it was fictional. The kind of stuff that he did seemed pretty unusual as no one could actually do that, so today we’ll talk about some real life Rambos that you didn’t know about.

So let’s discuss about top 10 real life Rambos in the world

1. Alvin York

10 Real Life Rambos In The World

Before Rambo there was Alvin York and was an American Born Corporal. He was sent to silent some German Machine Guns that were fired on American positions in the year 1918 with some other soldiers, over the operation many Americans died and got wounded. Alvin being in charge of the group left his men with a group of prisoners and went out to venture against a German Machine Gun position. After shooting several enemy soldiers he was charged upon by a group of Germans, out of rifle ammo, he drew his sidearm and shot them. The surviving Germans were so shocked that they surrendered to Alvin, who then took his 130 prisoners back behind American lines.

2. Abu Azrael

Abu Azrael is an Iraqi Rambo, he made a name for himself fighting against ISIS and reportedly killing 1500 of them. He just loves killing terrorists and is often seen with assault rifle, axe and a rocket launcher which mostly fits his image.

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3. Jack Churchill

This British soldier went into Combat armed with a broadsword and a longbow, this was all during World War II, when everyone else was armed with rifles and machine guns. Churchill saw action all over Europe from France to Norway to Yugoslavia, it was even reported that he holds the distinction of making the last kill with a longbow in a war when he shot a German soldier in 1940. He also escaped from a German prison camp which added more to his identity being true Rambo.

4. Bhanbhagta Gurung

In 1945 a group of Nepalese Gurkha soldiers were advancing through the Burmese jungle when they ran into a Japanese position, Bhanbhagta Gurung and the rest of his men were firmly pinned down until Gurung decided to release his inner Rambo. Exposing himself to enemy fire, he first shot the sniper, and then rest of Gurung’s men watched as he leapt from enemy foxhole to enemy foxhole killing every single enemy soldier. When a Japanese bunker was foolish enough to fire at Gurung, he simple ran inside and killed the crew with a rock.

5. Adrian Carton De Wiart

This British soldier survived three major wars, was shot several times and even survived two plane crashes. When he was captured by enemy, he simple tunneled his way out of the prison camp and once when doctor refused to amputate his mangled fingers, he simply tore them off himself. During WW I, this one eyed soldier fought alongside his men pulling the pins of grenades with his teeth.

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