10 Real Life Robin Hoods That You Should Know About


6. Leonarda Emilia

Leonarda was born in the year 1842 in Mexico, her lover was a French who was captured and later executed. This lead to a revenge in Mexico and she started stealing from the rich travelers and distributed the profit with the poor ones. She also killed corrupt government officials who came in her way every time.

7. Kayamkulam Kochunni

Kayamkulum Kochunni was a bandit who was active in the 19th century and was against the corrupt moneylenders. He then started robbing the wealthy people and distributed the money among the lower caste people who were exploited by them.

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8. Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg is an indie folk singer born in England on 28th Feb 1994. He provides financial aid to musical schools and programs and also pays for their rehearsal space and instruments.

9. John Dillinger

John Dillinger was born in Indiana in the year 1903 and was considered as a Robin Hood of his time. He used to donate a portion of his proceedings to the poor ones and in this way, he gave away a lot of money to the lower caste people.

10. Boss Yu

He is known as Boss Yu amongst his friends and close associates, he was arrested for stealing about $80,000 worth property and money. He used to donate that money in charitable trusts and local welfare houses and he himself lead a shallow lifestyle.

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