10 Really Weirdly Strange But Wonderful Monuments

Hey Readers! Welcome To Humor Nation. Monuments are the beauty of a nation. Every country has some unique and beautiful monuments. Though there are monuments that have faded with time some are just remarkable. Some that are so weird that it has left unmemorable impacts on our minds.

10. The Child-Eater Fountain At Bern

This statue is a 100-year-old. It shows a giant man, eating kids. The statue was reconstructed after a while. It is a known name in the strangely remarkable list.

10 Really Weirdly Strange But Wonderful Monuments

9. St. Wenceslas Riding A Dead Horse Upside Down

This is a uniquely weird monument. It shows the beloved ruler St. Wenceslas sitting on a dead horse. The horse is hanging upside down. This was to portray the betrayal that took his life.

8. Leshan Giant Buddha

This one is the biggest statue of Lord Buddha ever registered in the book of records. It stands tall to 233ft. This was made to calm down the river flow and save the lives of the village residents.

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7. The Alton Barnes White Horse

This is at Willshire, England. The horse is a cutting on a hill that is covered with chalk. Earlier when it was under progress, the painter took the money and ran away. Later, it was completed with extra investments.

6. A Giant Thumb

This is a 6 feet tall statue of the thumb of an artist. He intentionally created it to keep alive his art. Also what it means is, Thumbs UP!

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