10 Reasons Why Batman Is The Greatest Superhero Ever!

Since the dawn of humanity there have countless heroes formed in the minds of our great storytellers.From Hercules to Sherlock Holmes, from Holmes to Spider-Man, there are hundred thousand characters in our time. But none have been as iconic as the Dark Knight of Gotham. So why is Batman considered by so many to be the best Superhero? There are many out there who will argue that Batman is the best superhero because he is human, because we see ourselves in him, and how anyone can become the Batman. Or he is the most realistic superhero and thus his stories are far more believable and immersive.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Reasons Why Batman Is The Greatest Superhero Ever!

1. Batman Is Human

He doesn’t need to get bitten by some radioactive spider or come from some distant planet. He is one hundred percent human without mutations, magical powers and stuff. This also makes him immune to all those crazy weapons as humans come up with to suppress or destroy for examples mutants or aliens. All he has is his body, his sheer will, determination, and great intellect. Through all this, this human has become something more. He has dedicated his entire life to a bigger purpose.

2. He Is Focused And Disciplined

Because Batman is human, he is probably the most disciplined and committed superhero ever. Though having a pretty messed-up childhood with the death of his parents and all he committed his life to fight crime mentally and physically. Batman is easily considered in the DC Universe as the world’s greatest detective mastering the art of forensics as well as deception.

Batman is the go-to person in the Justice League when League is oftentimes in despair or even close to destruction. He knows essentially every type of martial arts including Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Muay-Thai, Boxing, Judo just to name a few. He studied the best and mastered all the forms. In the DC-Marvel cross over comics that man was able to smack up much stronger and genetically enhanced individuals like Wolverine and Captain America because of his superior martial arts skills in all these and in any confrontation.

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3. Batman Is Always Prepared

When finding a new enemy, Batman often test the water to gather information about his nemesis and then if outmatched mast or out gunned, he will retreat to analyze the data he collected, and then he will come up with a strategy. Because he is human, he doesn’t have the luxury of invulnerability like some superheroes. He has to be prepared hence fully loaded utility about with his numerous gadgets and gizmos.

4. He Has A Code


In all his gadgets you won’t find a gun. Batman values life to the utmost and refuses to kill anyone even when tempted, True that Batman can easily kill a person if you wanted to without a gun, but he hasn’t because of his values and respect for life. The biggest example of this is Joker’s life, how many times Batman came close to killing the Joker because Joker took him to the limit, committed many atrocities, but Bats didn’t kill him knowing Joker is bound to repeat the cycle. The no killing code and value for life is something admired by all the other superheroes. He can kill any bad guy or villain if he want, but he chooses not to. Batman fights for justice, not revenge.

5. He Can Beat Other Superheroes

The reason why Batman is the best superhero ever is because Batman has found ways to beat all the other superheroes with his crazy gadgets and wit. For example that he has managed to defeat Superman before with a Batman armored suit and synthetic Kryptonite. He also developed a vibrational bullet designed to incapacitate the Flash, if the Flash were ever to go rogue, by giving him seizures at the speed of light. Batman has single handedly taking down the Justice League in the TV series, Justice League movie and in various comic strips. Because of all this Batman sometimes is considered the world’s most dangerous superhero. However his sombre beginning and unwieldy commitment to justice, he only make villains scared.

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6. Batman Villains

Batman is the best hero for a very simple reason than many would have you believe. Quite simply Batman is the most iconic and interesting Superhero because he has the most compelling conflict. So how can we prove this statement true?One of the reasons why Joker is such a great villain is because he challenges Batman’s strengths and weaknesses to the very extreme.

This is the function of a great villain. But what if I told you all his villains are quite similar to the Joker. All the Batman villains challenges the various aspects of the character. Poison Ivy challenges his temptation, Bane challenges his strength, Scarecrow challenges his fear, Riddler challenges his intellect. While Joker, an agent of chaos and anarchy, his values challenges the fundamental values of Batman, the justice and order.

7. Bruce Wayne Is His Mask

Batman is the only superhero whose secret identity is his mask. Barry Allen wears the mask of Flash, Clark Kent wears the mask of Superman, but Batman wears the mask of Bruce Wayne. Batman is his true face and Bruce Wayne is his merely disguise.

8. He Keeps Coming Back

A quote from Batman Begins that Thomas Wayne Said is “Why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.” This quote best reflects who Batman is. No matter what happens to him, he continues to pick himself back up. This is best seen in “Knightfall” when Bane breaks his back, he also breaks him emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. He destroys him completely, but Batman continues to pick himself back up and he heals, he trains, he goes back and defeats him. This is also seen in the movie Dark Knight Rises where Batman is put in inescapable prison, but through his sheer determination to save his city, he escapes, and defies the impossible odds. He never gives up, he is Batman. He knows the only way it can end is when he died. But until he drops, he keeps fighting.

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9. Batman Is Incorruptible

One of the most defining things about Batman is his conviction. His conviction and morals were formed when he sees his parents shot in the alley. In this moment Batman is born, he vows to never let this happen to anyone again. He also vowed to never take a life again, no matter what the situation is. It’s his set of convictions that has made him an incorruptible symbol, the symbol that Gotham needs, the people needs.

10. He Is A Symbol

As a kid, Bruce was always afraid of the bats, he was frightened by the creature of the night. And that fear always stayed with him. So when he became Batman, he overcame all his fears by taking up the mantle of the bat. He became something much more than just flesh and blood, he became something more than a man. Brcue Wayne dedicated himself to an ideal. He became a legend. The idea is pretty simply, anyone can be Batman if they dedicate their life to a higher purpose, if they have a strong discipline and film willpower. Batman is larger than life character. He’s a moral being, knives can cut him, bullets can wound him, he can be killed, but the idea and philosophy he represents is everlasting.

Some might say Batman has no powers and while he has no superpowers, he has his powers to fight courageously no matter what the odds are. To sacrifice every part of himself for the greater cause, his determination to pick himself back up and fight, and his strong conviction that makes him an incorruptible symbol. These characteristics are his powers that makes him the greatest superhero.

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