10 Reasons Why Damon Salvatore Is The Better Brother

4. He asked Stefan to not feel guilty as he alone was responsible for his actions.

5. Damon only fed on the people and then let them go whereas Stefan Salvatore had many long decades of ripper binges. He even had written down the names of his victims in his old home.

6. Let’s be honest, Damon did bad things and there’s no sugar coating to that. But the fact is he did things what were needed to be done.

7. He put his life on the line to protect his loved ones. Damon Salvatore was always willing to take up all the blame and be the bad guy just to save the day.

8. The popular belief is that Elena became attracted to Damon only after she was sired to him and their love wasn’t genuine. But their attraction goes way back.

9. It is very hard to deny their chemistry. These two just naturally fit together. Ian and Nina Dobrev’s chemistry isn’t limited to on-screen. They even dated in real life too.

10. He was in love with Katherine, but Katherine didn’t choose him, she chose Stefan over him. He even returned to Mystic Falls to get Katherine out of her grave. Damon loved Katherine deeply, she chose Stefan. He loved Elena deeply and she too chose Stefan over him. If you really read his story then you’ll feel sorry for him.

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