10 Reasons Why I Love Supernatural! Every Supernatural Fan Must Read This

If you ask a Supernatural fan what’s Supernatural to them, they will say it’s love, it’s life, it’s family to them. There are many reasons why I love the show. So here we go, SPOILER ALERT! There definitely gonna be spoilers in this article so if you haven’t seen the complete show then I advice you not to read the article. These reasons are not in any particular order, I just kind of jotted them all down as I thought of them. Alright so here we go!

So let’s take a look at 10 Reasons Why I Love Supernatural! Every Supernatural Fan Must Read This!

1. Timeless Classic Rock Music


The first reason I started watching the show actually was because of the music, it’s all this really awesome classic rock stuff that I’ve been listening to since I was a kid. The show has the best classic rock on the planet, you just name is AC/DC, Van Halen, Kansas, CCR and that’s just the stuff I’ve been listening to all  my life. Yeah that was definitely the big reasons why I feel in love with the show.

2. Complex And Relatable Characters

The second reason why I love the show so much is because of the characters. They are so well made, well thought and well-developed through out the story-line. The characters are so different and just so complex, yet they are all relatable in a way. I mean that’s really weird because they are all angels and demons and you know that all the entire show is fictional, but all the characters feel so relatable, displaying humane qualities. Their attitudes, feelings, the decisions they make are something we could all easily identify with.

3. Interesting Story-lines

One more reason why I love Supernatural is because of all the intense story lines! The first five seasons were all about the apocalypse and that was just so intense and crazy and there’s so much going on and so much riding on it and they had to just figure this all out and stop. Pretty much stop the world from ending, dealing with the four horsemen, dealing with the badass archangels and the devil himself. Just when you think Winchesters have saved the day and defeated every big bad evil. Cass opens up the purgatory and brings in a bunch of Leviathans and now the Winchesters has to save the day again. Then we have the Mark of Cain, Knights of Hell, Angels on earth, Dean becoming a demon, unleashing the darkness on earth, and now we the boys are dealing with a Nephilim and British Men of Letters.

4. The Awesome Cast

The entire cast is just so much caring and loving towards their fans. I don’t know about you, but I watched a lot of fan conventions when they’re speaking to their fans and it’s just so cute and sweet, they’re like genuinely happy to be there. It’s obvious that they enjoy this whole process, the making of the show and going out and meeting all the fans and talking about it they really like this. It just adds so much to the actual show that the main characters you know, the main actors all really enjoy what they do. The entire cast is involved in so many different organizations and they just want to help people. Those are the type of people you want to be friends with. They all just seem like really nice people overall, nice people you can’t not like them.

5. The Fandom!

The Supernatural Fandom is quite insane like I’ll walk around and I like pull out my wallet and it’s a Supernatural wallet and then also have someone go “OH MY GOSH! SUPERNATURAL!” I love that show and then we’ll start chatting about the latest episode and that’s always so cool it’s like if we are a nice big family and like I’ve seen one girl who has the anti-possession tattoo and I was like “HEY SUPERNATURAL!” and she was just like “YEAH SUPERNATURAL” and then we just started talking about the show, the actors, and how much we love it. We all are just one big family and it’s so cool to have that.

6. So Many Different Religions And Cultures

The show plays and revolves around so many different religions and cultures. It’s so cool to see like all these different gods and like they have Zeus, Prometheus, they have Angels, Demons, evil monsters from so many different religions and stories that are intertwined with each other. It’s so cool to see that all these different things come together and you really see how they all interact with each other.

7. Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

They have some episodes where they have you dying of laughter and then others you’re crying because it’s just so heartbreaking. I’ve laughed and cried during the same episode it’s all just really crazy and it takes me on this like emotional roller coaster.

8. Filler Episodes Are Entertaining

The thing that I love about this show is that their filler episodes are really good. With some shows they are just like oh that was a filler and boring whatever don’t care get back to the story. But with Supernatural the filler episodes are ones that you can look forward to and then when it gets back to the story you’re like “Oh yeah I love whenever Sam and Dean just go on a simple hunt and track down some sort of monster, and kill it”.

9. The Writers Understand The Fans

I love how the writers will poke fun at the fans. It’s kinda funny and amazing how they created Becky who is like the ultimate fan girl, she just fawns over Sam I’m like that’s me that is me. I don’t know if I love her or hate her I think that’s a good representation of fan girls, you don’t know if you love them or hate them. It was so cool to see how Sam and Dean would react to that situation and to the fact that people out there write all of these stories based on them and their reactions are priceless. They also of course wrote the fan-fiction episode which was so cool that was just really just a nod to the fans.

10. Death Is Not The End

What I love the most about supernatural is that the dead characters can always come back! In other shows a character dies and your heart is broken, you’re sad, but in Supernatural they can always come back. You can never really expect someone to really be dead for sure because all of a sudden randomly the character could come back. You know with Bobby I thought bobby was gone and all of a sudden you’ve just popped up in season and I was like screaming I was so excited to see Bobby again. And after of course they killed off Charlie and I cried, I will admit that I cried when they killed Charlie, but I feel like they could so easily bring her back. That’s one of the reasons why I love Supernatural.


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