10 Reasons Why School Can Be Harmful For Mental Health

Hello readers! welcome back to Humor Nation. It is very common to make excuses not to go to school for a child. But sometime this thing would be bigger and none of us had never thought of it. It may be possible that a kid is facing problems in school and everyone is just ignoring it.

So here are some facts which tell you some reasons that school can be harmful to mental health!

1. Bullying

10 Reasons Why School Can Be Harmful For Mental Health

Students of the age of 12-18 face this problem. Who wants to go to in such surroundings where people make fun of them for no reason, take their tiffins, beat them and threaten them of big punishments. This turns the school a jail for a student.

2. Fatigue

To wake up early in the morning and go to school and lots of homework, assignments and extracurricular activities, coachings make students life hectic. which results in bad score, depressed them and make them so tired.

3. Panic attacks

A student suffering from panic attack are often distracted in class and panic attacks are spurred by overthinking of upcoming events like tests, the consequences of a bad grade.

4. Standardized testing

Exams that give nightmares. A series of stressful tests may lead to depression. Parents and teachers expectations are high and In the case of bad grades, they eventually turn into about their higher education and career.

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5. Anxiety

Fear of failure, deadlines, and the overwhelming things a student have to think of and all these things make his anxiety worse which directly affect his mental development.

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