10 Scandalous Facts About Osho And His Infamous Activities

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Osho’s commune was always a major part of national as well as controversy back during the 80s. Now his commune must have fell apart but still no one has forgotten Bhagwaan Shree Rajneesh or Osho, HIS infamous acts which started from Pune and led to the formation of a big commune in Oregon, USA.

So here are 10 scandalous facts about Osho and his infamous activities!

1. Owner of 90 Rolls Royces

10 Scandalous Facts About Osho And His Infamous Activities

Osho was very well known to be fond of luxury cars, so many of his devotees used to gift him such cars and he used to roam in these cars and his devotees used to stand along the road to catch a glimpse of his from his car.

2. Addicted to drugs

Osho was addicted to drugs and this fact was revealed by one of his devotees from his commune. It was also revealed that Sheela, his secretary accused Osho’s doctors for providing drugs like nitrous oxide or valium to deal with his health issues.

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3. Drug induced orgies

His commune was accused of organising drug induced orgies in Oregon or Rajneeshpuram. He was tagged as the s-e-x guru in India as he was open to all such activities in his commune and he himself had relations with many women of his commune.

4. Poisoning 750 people

Ma Anand Sheela with her group of Rajneeshi’s had contaminated 10 salad bars with Salmonella around the Antelope. This led to poisoning among the people and this was done to ensure that less voters turn up to vote against him in the elections.

5. Tapping of phones

This fact was rarely known to anybody in his commune that Sheela along with Osho used to tap all the calls in and outside the commune and used to listen them secretly to avoid leakage of important information.

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