Facebook’s Creepy Dark Secrets- Wish You Knew Earlier!

Hie Folks. Welcome to Humor Nation. How many of us surf facebook on a regular basis? Obviously everyone. We can rightly consider Facebook as the king of social media. But even this app is hiding a million secrets behind the transparency it claims to offer.

Here is a list of 10 such dark secrets on facebook that may scare you a bit. Scroll down and take a look!

10. Cambridge Analytica

Alexander Cogan developed a software Cambridge analytica. This software asked the user to work over their data. It also hacked their friend’s data at the same time. This was used by the company to make various psychological concerns.

Facebook's Creepy Dark Secrets- Wish You Knew Earlier!

9. Reading Messages

Facebook records all your data. This came after the above-revealed scandal that the app not only deals with pictures and events but also records every secret you tell your closed ones via it. It also reads your texts.

8. Divorce

I was shocked to know but the app also causes divorce. It brings in insecurities and misunderstandings between couples. Sometimes a partner doesn’t like sharing their relationship status online to the same fear.

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7. Facebook Stalking

The app made it easier for stalkers. There is always a person you don’t know and whose aware of all your events and recent activities. Beware!

6. Addiction

It is noted that the app is highly addictive. The addiction to checking all your texts and notifications bounds you the similar way drugs bound an alcoholic.

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