10 Scary Horror Movies You Can Watch In 10 Minutes Or Less

Short Horror Films

If you browse YouTube then you’ll find a lot of short horror movies on it which are simply brilliant and seriously underrated. Making a short film is not easy as it sounds, first of all you don’t have a boat loads of money, you have timing restrictions. So the filmmakers of short movies have a very tight budget to make it and at the same time make it appealing in a small duration so they grab the attention of big agents and producers.

For best viewing, we recommend you to switch off the lights of your room, shut the door, plug in your headphones in, and you’re all set to go.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Scary Horror Movies You Can Watch In 10 Minutes Or Less!

1. Unknown Number (Duration-7 minutes)

Story: A girl who’s home alone and it’s late night when her phone rings, she hangs up. The girl keeps receiving strange calls from an unknown number, what’s more surprising is that the girl is not home alone after all.

2. The Smiling Man (Duration-7 minutes)

Story: A young girl who is home alone confronts an evil.

3. Clickbait (Duration-4 minutes)

Story: A girl who is browsing the Internet, she comes across a link, and out of curiosity she clicks on it. But little does she know that her click could have serious consequences for her life.

4. Bedfellows (Duration-2 minutes)

Story: A woman who’s asleep, suddenly her phone rings, and she wakes up to pick up the phone. What she discovers is truly terrifying.

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5. Occupied (Duration-5 minutes)

Story: A guy who is working his late shift decides to take a bathroom break, but little does he know that this little break turns out to be a nightmare for him.

6. Mr Creak (Duration-3 minutes)

Story: A woman discovers some scary messages in an old toy house, the messages are terrifying because they all are reciting the Mr Creak rhyme.

7. I Heard It Too (Duration-8 minutes)

Story: It’s late night, a loving mother picks up her daughter and takes her to bed, and puts her to sleep. But then the girl wakes up to someone calling her, now is it really her mom calling her or something else?

8. Attic Panic (Duration-2 minutes)

Story: A woman enters an attic and there she discovers that there’s more than just old used stuff and empty boxes up in the attic.

9. The Cop Cam (Duration-2 minutes)

Story: A police officer visits an abandoned house in response to a dispatch call. He enters the house to investigate the matter, his cop camera then records all the horrors that happened in the house.

10. Passenger (Duration-3 minutes)

Story: A driver who is driving alone at night decides it’s time to sleep. He pulls his vehicle in to a quiet road, thinking it’s a perfect place to get some rest. But then he suddenly wakes up to the sound of someone knocking behind him.

So guys, check out these amazing short horror films. I promise you definitely would be left shocked and terrified after watching them. And feel free to express your opinions and views in the comments section. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Like our Facebook page Humor Nation


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