10 Science Inventions That Are Changing The World!

Hello Readers! Welcome back again to Humor Nation. Science and inventions are going hand in hand. They are advancing day by day. Also, our lives are getting easier and comfortable through these inventions. Today, we are celebrating some inventions that caused a great positive change in world.

So, let us probe 10 inventions which are changing the world:

1. Synthetic Cells

In 2016, Craig Venter, a bio-technologist announced that he and his team are successful in creating first synthetic cell. This was the huge invention of 2016, which caught everybody’s attention. Cell is the basic building material of any thing that we see. If cell can be made artificially, than can living beings. So in coming, it is no surprise to predict that much like robots, synthetic humans with emotions could be made.

2. Sarcasm Identification

The Hebrew university of Jerusalem, invented the first semi code for identification of sarcasm. The emotions behind the text would be soon into existence. People would be able to know, the tone of anything they read online, because of this algorithm. This would be more useful in product reviews.

3. Self Driving Cars

This is probably the more life changing invention that is been bought up. In future, the life expectancy would increase, because these commercial self driving cars, would reduce the road accidents and increase life duration of approx a million people. Google brought spotlight over the relation of big data and cars. So, the cars are already been made, soon people will be enjoying rides, without fear and without themselves putting gear. Everything would be automatic.

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4. 3D Bioprinting

This invention is a medical charisma. This 3D bio-printing would allow anyone to have spare body organs. 3D printers are being developed to create spare body parts which can be put into a body. Earlier in 2017, scientist were able to develop a fully functional skin, through this. Since, the technology merged with medical science, there are so many inventions, that nobody have ever imagined. Kudos! to that.

5. Solar Panels

This has been a great invention since its inception. Solar energy is used as a resource to create electrical energy. Solar panels are now been used at most of the places and yes, it had transformed lives. The natural resource has been used very wisely and millions of equipments now a days, run on solar energy.


6. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology has been useful in so many areas. It had helped to catch criminals, also for other security purposes. This technology is also been used in mobile phones for better security measures. Previously, this technology was used in airports to detect criminals and other sort of things. This is transforming the way of lives of people as far as technology is concerned.

7. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is another inventions which had opened the doors of possibilities. It is already used for purpose of army training. In future, it can be used to travel to places, without actually being present. We would be able to do all the fun actually, while living it in a virtual world. People would learn and visit different things and different places respectively without spending much cost.

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8. Touch Screens

In 2007, when i-phone launched first successful touch screen mobile, the experience was made much, much better. After, that the technology was made more to other products. The experience we had as a user became much more beautiful and wider.

9. Falcon Heavy

SpaceX designed falcon heavy. The most operational rocket which can be sent to space. With this invention the new doors of new and bigger possibilities are opened for exploring the outer world. Also, it is cheaper.

10. Artificial Heart

This is the most supreme invention of science. This began in 1940’s and a Jarvik 7 was invented which was capable of sustaining life for 140 days. With advancements in science and technology, nowadays, artificial hearts are capable of keeping a person alive for approximately 4 years. Further, we know that more advanced robot hearts would be made, which can transform life and keep human alive for many more years. May be we could live forever.

10 Science Inventions That Are Changing The World!

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