6 Shocking Facts You Wish To Be False But They Are True!

Shocking facts
Hey, guys today we're going to be looking at six disturbing and shocking facts.

Hey, guys today we’re going to be looking at six disturbing and shocking facts you wish weren’t true so these are all really weird facts which are either really scary or just straight up disgusting.

Let’s Have A Look At 6 Shocking Facts That You Wish Weren’t True.

1. Poop Coffee

I don’t know how many of you guys go to work because some of you are pretty young but you will work someday and when you do go to work you’ll probably drink a coffee and if you do that already, maybe you should stop and that’s because 20% of all mugs in an office contain fecal matter and if you don’t know what fecal matter is? Don’t worry guys your coworkers aren’t crapping in the coffee mugs.

The reason why this crap in your cup is kind of ironic, it’s basically to do with how the cups are cleaned, people usually clean out coffee mugs with sponges and brushes that everyone uses and because of that they have loads of bacteria on them. Basically, it turns out that 45% of people don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet so yeah people just put the hands that have fecal matter all over them and put them all over the sponges and stuff to clean the mugs. I bet you guys are gonna be so suspicious of your coworkers. This is one of the most shocking facts.

2. Disneyland Or Dead-neyland?

We all know Disneyland as this happy and safe place, well no it’s not how dare you to have anything fun okay. It’s not that bad but Disneyland does have some really dark secrets that changed the way I see Disneyland forever. I’ve been to Disneyland a couple of times but I never knew this when I was there. So basically, if you guys have ever been to Disneyland you probably went other Pirates of the Caribbean ride of overloads of decorations on it like gold and skeletons and pirates and they look pretty realistic, right?

That’s because one of them is a real skeleton. That’s right, this skeleton right there in Disneyland is actually real and it was basically bought from a college nearby which had a real human skeleton that students studied. But I guess the college needed money or something because they straight up sold human skull to Disneyland which is just really creepy and a ton of kids go on that ride of actually seeing a real dead body and who knows if you guys have been to Disneyland and maybe you’ve gone right past this without even knowing it. Shocking facts like this can really send chills down your spines.

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3. You’re Fartastic

That’s right, you breathe one liter of farts every single day and this is probably one of the most disgusting facts on this entire list and I’m so sorry to tell you this because you’re gonna be willing to walk around like this from now on but it’s true, we breathe in one liter of farts every single day and the reason for this is apparently we all pass around one liter of gas every single day but we don’t even notice it and here it turns out. It’s just in the atmosphere and sometimes you can even get more when other people pass gas around you and when if you’re out in public and you open your mouth you’re actually accidentally breathing in a ton of farts.

It’s even worse if you sit behind somebody in class or in the bus or if you walk behind somebody or basically just be around anyone at all so if you don’t want to eat farts anymore, then just stay away from everyone and another thing that doesn’t help is, I’m so sorry for you guys as I am freaked out right now like you guys. I know it’s messed up but there’s nothing you can do really except to never open your mouth in public again.

4. Be Alert In Aeroplane Toilets.

We have aircraft toilets that will suck out your rectum, so this one is so scary if you guys travel a lot and even if you don’t travel that much just thinking about this is so weird. You guys know, how some people say airplanes toilets are scary and I don’t know if there’s a reason for this, maybe there’s not even a reason first time, this factor right here is definitely a reason why you would never want to go to an airplane toilet again. So, imagine you’re sitting down doing your business and then you flush the toilet without standing up.

Basically the air pressure from outside the aeroplane is so strong because you’re so high up that it can actually suck out your insides and kill you and guys, we all know what happens if you open a window or a door on an aeroplane. Imagine that happening to your insides and if you guys think I’m just saying it could happen well no in a woman actually had this happened to her she died on the plane because her rectum got sucked out by the plane’s toilet and most airlines have fixed this problem by now by not opening the toilet hole until you’ve left the toilet but there are some airlines who haven’t fixed this. So if you guys are going on some dodgy budget airline just be careful when you use the toilet.

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5. We Shed Around 40 Pounds Of Skin.

We shed pounds of skin in our life, so this one is really disgusting and it has nothing to do with your body and it’s something that is natural but when you think about it, it’s so nasty. So basically, you shed skin all the time that’s actually mostly it’s just dead skin and it doesn’t seem like a lot because you never notice it all over time it can become so much which is really creepy if you think about it and obviously there’s no photos of pounds of skin just lying around.

I’ve read that once that a grain size bit of skin weighs around the same as a grain of sand, we shed around pound skin in our entire life and imagine your entire body is full of shedded skin coming out. I mean that amount of skin is probably what the plastic surgeon uses to make face but yeah guys next time you see dust lying around just know that’s actually you. This is one of the most shocking facts.

6. Yuck, That’s Disgusting.

You guys don’t like rats and stuff, so if you guys have a peanut butter thing you probably buy it in a jar of around 100 grams, but did you know that on average 100 grams of peanut butter has one or more rodent hairs in it and it gets even more gross because in that 100 grams of peanut butter is also on average around 5 or more insect pieces. So you guys are really eating rodent insect and peanut butter, but I guess that’s not a very appetizing title and remember that’s only for a hundred grams. So you can’t be all like oh well this probably never happened to me though because yes it did.

If you guys have ever eaten from a jar of peanut butter, there are many shocking facts behind this and you’ve eaten rodent hairs and insects which are so nasty and the disgusting part is that, it’s actually totally legal for the companies that make peanut butter to do this and the reason is because it’s hard to locate rats and bugs and stuff when the nuts are being harvested because they’re usually harvested in poor areas. We’ve not much equipment to keep them out, so yeah this isn’t dangerous to you but it is really disgusting and I’m sorry if I’ve ruined peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for you guys.

These were some of the scary and shocking facts, please give your views in the comment section below.

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