10 Signs That You’ve Gone Through Reincarnation Several Times!

Welcome to the Humor Nation guys and today we'll be talking about reincarnation. Not everyone believes in reincarnation but it is the basis of many ancient religions

Welcome to the Humor Nation guys and today we’ll be talking about reincarnation. Not everyone believes in reincarnation but it is the basis of many ancient religions. Reincarnation is the belief that when your current body dies, your soul is reborn into another body. That body could be a person or even an animal.

Here Are 10 Signs That You’ve Gone Through Reincarnation Several Times

1. Deja-Vu

If you experience deja-vu often, it may be the sign that you might be having many past lives. If you have ever been caught in a situation that you notice several things you’ve gone through in the past as well, it might be the sign that you’ve had several past lives.

2. Recurring Dreams Or Nightmares

It is believed that dreams work to help you figure out things from your waking life. However, a recurring dream if it’s something that has you in a completely different life, could be your mind working through a past life you lived. Try writing down your dream and maybe getting a past life regression done to find out what it means.

3. You Are Extremely Intuitive

Intuitive people are people who have a tendency to feel things are going to happen before they do. Such as your phone starts to ring and you know it’s your mom calling about some emergency before you even get to your phone to see who’s calling. It is believed that people with a strong intuition are old souls and have had many lives in the past.

4. You Have Some Strange Phobias

If you have a strange phobia of something which you’ve never gone through, it might be related to your past life. Like if you are afraid very much of water and you don’t have any bad experience related to drowning, this might be related to your fear of drowning in your past lives.

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5. You Know About People’s Feelings

People that have been reincarnated once or many times have a very strong sense of feelings of other people. They often feel happy when the people around them are happy and feel bad when there is negativity all around.

6. There Are Certain People You Feel Really Connected To

They don’t have to be your family members but you may find that some people in your life just feel like they belong there. In reincarnation, it is believed that we have numerous soul mates whose souls travel along with us to different lives. It is believed that our souls recognize one another in each life and are drawn together.

7. You’re Drawn To Certain Things With No Explanation

Whether you’re following certain culture or you’re born in a particular heritage, you often consider something else superior. This could be a sign of one of your past lives. Maybe you are attracted Egyptian culture to a great extent and you find it amazing, but you’re an American by birth. This might a sign that you were Egyptian in your past life.

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8. Your Cognition Is Superior

Whether you have pre-cognition or retro-cognition, your ability to see the future or the past could be a sign of reincarnation. The things from the past you see could be your very own past life. This can be brought out through hypnotherapy also.

9. You Hear Strange Voices Or See Creepy Things

If you’ve been reincarnated, you might be having some connections with your past lives.  If you experience something like hearing voices or seeing strange things, this is not every time related to ghosts. You may also hear voices or conversations sometimes which could be thought of as ghostly, but it’s from the past life instead.

10. You Often Feel Out Of Place

If you have been reincarnated, you might get the feeling that you don’t belong to this place. You will always get the feeling that the place you are living in is not yours even if it’s your own house. If you ever get that feeling, this means that you were living somewhere else in your previous life.

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