10 Smallest Countries That You Never Knew Existed

5. Nauru

Nauru is also an island and you can say the smallest one of all as its area is only 21 sq. km and only 9,591 people in that place. This place holds the record of a maximum number of obese people as 70% of the people on this island has an obesity problem.

4. Principality of Seborga

This place is in Italy but has a separate identity and the area of this place is only 4.91 sq. km and only 312 people live here.

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3. Republic of Molossia

This is a self-proclaimed Republic with only an area of 0.055 sq km and only 7 people live here. This place is near Nevada, USA and this place issues its separate passport and also involves serious crime.

2. Sovereign Military Order Of Malta

This country is only 0.012 sq. km and around 113,500 people live here, this place is located in Rome and still issues different currency, passport and etc.

1. Principality of Sealand

This place is actually a sea platform and only 27 people live here and the area of this place is around 0.004 sq km. This place is near the coast of Great Britain and is governed by Prince Regent.

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