10 Inspiring And Motivational Stephen Hawking Quotes!

Hello folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation. As we know, a veil of affliction took over world on 14 march 2018, when the news of Stephen Hawking’s death was reported. Stephen Hawking was the most intelligent mind, born on 8 January 1942, after Einstein. He was a famous theoretical physicist, a best selling author, cosmologist, and at the Center for Theoretical Cosmology which is located within the University of Cambridge, Stephen Hawking was the Director of Research.

He also worked to learn about the gravitational effects. Stephen Hawking became paralyzed due to a disease in his later years, but he never gave up. He had also provided us with his greatest work ‘the brief history of time’. Hawking never settled for low. He was always curious to know things and hence, he discovered so many theorems and equations.

Today, there are some life lessons that we have drawn from him.

So Let us look at the 10 quotes from Stephen Hawking:

1.He says to think only big and to stay curious. Curiosity leads to inventions. When you ask questions, you invest yourself in designing solutions.

10 Stephen Hawking Quotes!

2. Stephen Hawking says that any physical or mental disability cannot stop you, if you are ready to challenge the stereotypes.

3. He says to be smart and intelligent. He says that life is possible on other planets too, but the intelligence that we are gifted with is rare. 

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4.Humans have brains and intellectual, which makes us different. He says we can understand the whole universe. And yes, we can change it.

5. Science is not a subject for those who love science. Science for Hawking is like some romance and passion. 


6. Stephen when addressing about the possibilities says: there are very bigger possibilities existing in this world, we just need to explore them. 

7. Humor is an important part of life. Without this our life would be an ennui. 

8. Be courteous and welcoming to everything. As long as you stay open to the world, this world opens the new doors of possibilities to you.

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9. Intelligence gives power and rationality. Intelligence let’s us choose between right and wrong and other curious things. 

10. Stephen Hawking said- that life is not easy. Although it is difficult, but it provides equal opportunity to everyone. You just need to know what you are good at and work over it. Success follows excellence. 


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