10 Strange Ways In Which Crimes Were Solved In Ancient Egypt

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Solving crimes nowadays can be said an easier task than that of ancient times because today we have a lot of new techniques and technology that helps us. But solving a crime was difficult long ago so they tried to find ways to get to the truth, so here is a list of those techniques which ancient Egypt used to get the truth out of the convicts.

So here are those 10 ways in which crimes were solved in Ancient Egypt!

10. Training monkeys to attack thieves

10 Strange Ways In Which Crimes Were Solved In Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt monkeys were trained well enough to attack the thieves, many people used dogs also in such cases.

9. Snitching was mandatory

Witness to any crime was very important otherwise solving crime could get impossible in ancient Egypt. So if they failed to report the crime serious penalties were imposed on them.

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8. Crime scene investigators

Crime scene investigators existed during ancient Egypt and these investigators went to any extent to prove the crime and solved it very precisely.

7. Suspects and witnesses got beaten up

During ancient Egypt, the detectives used to beat up the convicts so badly that they had to pour out the truth at last and then they used to record their confession.

6. Comparison

Whenever the criminal used to confess his wrongdoings, then the investigators used to compare the confession and the evidence of the crime to check whether the confession is true or not.

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