10 Strangest Houses That Exist In Our World!

Hello readers! Thank you so much for connecting with us at Humor Nation. Since the inception we have been trying to provide you with viral and witty content from around the world. So, today we have bought to you a story of strangest houses of the world. We live in our houses, and definitely what we imagine as other people’s houses have the same things. Same bricks, walls, and other accessories. But, today we will take you to some houses which are entirely different. They are built like never before. Welcome back.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Strangest Houses That Exist In Our World!

1. The Transparent House

This house is located in Tokyo, Japan. It’s 914 feet. This house is transparent, there is nothing like privacy. It was built by Seoul Fujimoto architects and they wanted that, if you live in the house, you should feel like living on a tree. This house has 21 individual floors, arranged in such a way that feels like branches of a tree.

10 Strangest Houses That Exist In Our World!

2. The Flintstones House

This is a single storey structure with rocky interior that exactly looks like Fred and Wilma’s home from The Flintstones. It is a custom-made 2500 square feet house. This is located in the hills of Malibu. It was made for Dick Clark. This house has, two bathrooms, one bedroom and a fireplace and several large windows. It has a look of stones and there are animal paintings all over. This make it look like Flintstones.

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3. The Toilet House

Yes! You read it right. Our world has a toilet shaped house. This was basically built for World Toilet Association meet in 2007. This is a two storey house with, 5420 sq feet of area. It is made up of steel, concrete and glass. It has a value about 1.1 million dollars. This house have a transparent bathroom, but if someone need privacy they just need to press a button and the walls come up. It also features rooftop balcony. This house also have heavy-duty rain water harvesting technology installed.

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4. Giant Seashell House

This house is located in Mexico and a family of four is living in this house currently. This house have glass windows which reflect rainbow colors. It has flower shaped flooring and have large windows. This house is made of creek which is even stronger than concrete. It is fire resistant and provides good insulation.

5. The Bubble House

This is known as Palais Poulet. This house is 12,916 square feet. This house consists of an amphi theatre which can hold up to 500 people. It has a reception room, a panoramic lounge and ten suites. The garden and the pool is spread over 2.1 acres of land. This is mainly used for big parties and other big events.

6. The Airplane House

This house was built-in 1975, and it is meant to resemble an airplane Airbus a380. This have two floors and 20 portholes. At the tail it has a window which have a statue of Mary.

7. The Egg House

A young architect in Beijing couldn’t afford a house in his own city. So, he designed an egg-shaped pod, to sleep in on the streets. This house is 2 metres high and is made using Bamboo frame. The exterior of house is made up of cut out sleeping bag. This house features a lot of sustainable designs, although it does not look good to live in. He planted a plant on the top to cover all the house, he also installed solar panels to light up his lamp and other electronic devices. This place has a room that fits a bed, a water tank and a small night table.

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8. The World’s Thinnest House

This house is situated in Warsaw, Poland. This house just measures 5 feet wide. It was squeezed into an alley between pre-world war II and is between a house and a modern apartment. Originally, this was supposed to be an art piece, but now it’s open for tenants. This house features a micro kitchen, a mini bathroom , sleeping cubicle and a tiny work area ,which are all accessible via ladders.

9.The Dumpster House

This house is located in Austin, Texas. It is built on the university campus. Jeff Wilson, a former university professor, sold all of his belongings and decide to live in a dumpster. He just wanted to experiment on how little you need in life to be happy. This house is about 36 square feet. It is fueled by sunlight and surface water from rain. He converted this tiny space into a livable house. It has an air conditioning unit, a weather station, a mailbox and it has a full store basement, where he stores all his cooking supplies and his clothes. He is living on a very cheap house.

10. The Upside Down House.

This house is very popular. It is one of the most demanded tourist attraction. This is located in Northern Poland. It was completed in 2007 and it was originally created as an art work to represent the end of the communist era. It took architects 5 times more time to build this place. Visitors can walk on the ceilings, and answer through an upside down window. This house creates an illusion of being upside down. Some tourists even feel sick, when they are inside. This place always have a lot of visitors.

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