10 Strangest And Weird Types of Vending Machines Around World!

8. Tools

Inside the Thayer school of engineering on the Dartmouth campus in New Hampshire, United States, there is rather a unique vending machine which dispenses tools like, duct tape, epoxy, gloves, batteries and other usable tools. Before this vending machine all these materials were only available in machine shops, which were open until 4:30 pm. After installation, the problems of students were solves, all they need to have is a card.

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9. Pet Food

In Istanbul, Turkey, there are 150,000 street dogs roaming in search of food. In response to this issue a company called Pugedon, created a very special kind of vending machine and named it ‘Small Recycling Boxes’. These machines perform two very important tasks, recycling and feeding stray dogs simultaneously. When a water bottle placed inside the machine, the machine instantly dispenses a bowl of dog food. There is even a water function if there is any water left in the machine.

10 Strangest Types Of Vending Machines Around World!

10. Underwear

Japan is very unique in contents of their vending machines. The canned bread is also strange but not as ladies underwear. Not fresh but used underwear. Thankfully, these machines have Kakou products, meaning they are manufactured to appear used. Weird, Japan and its ways.

10 Strangest Types Of Vending Machines Around World!

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