10 Strict Rules That Kim Jong- Un’s Wife Has To Follow

5. She Cannot see Her Own Family

Leaving her family and shifting to an all-new place is already a task for ladies out there. It stood tougher for her as she isn’t allowed to talk to her family members.

4. Restricted Public Appearance

North Korea is so particular about their leader’s family. They don’t allow the wife or kids to be spotted alone in public.

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3. Security Protocols

The Leader of North Korea is always on target by other nations. Hence, to maintain the security of the family there are strict protocols imposed on them.

2. Visit Mourning Sites

She has to visit the mourning sites to keep flowers. Though she makes fewer public appearances, she has to be particular about this work.


1. Her Children

She was expected to have a child, Immediately after marriage. She was required to give a baby boy as only he would carry on the family dynasty.

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