10 Strongest Demons In Hindu Mythology And Their Abilities

Welcome to Humor Nation. A coin has two sides, if there is a god, there is a demon. Every religion and culture as a demon mentioned in their mythology. Afterall, there has to be bad for good to exist.

Here, have a look at Hindu mythology’s 10 strongest demons and their abilities-

10. Bhasmasura

10 Strongest Demons Of Hindu Mythology And Their Abilities

Bhasmasura was a demon who had the power of turning anyone into ashes. All he had to do was to touch the person’s head with his hands. Well, I wish I had that power for some people.

9. Narkasura

The son of goddess Earth, Narkasura was blessed by god Vishnu to have the power to be strong enough to live almost anything and everything.

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8. Banasura

Bali’s son, Banasura was a thousand armed demon king. After helping Lord Shiva, he became his protector. Just the influence of his name was enough to scare off kings and gods for that matter.

7. Hiranyaksha

This mighty demon drowned the Earth into the cosmic ocean. It was after a thousand-year-long battle with Vishnu that he was defeated.

6. Rahu

In Vedic myths, Rahu is the one who swallows the sun and causes eclipses. He is depicted as a serpent with no body, riding a chariot drawn by eight black horses. Rahu is one of the planets in Vedic astrology.


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