10 Stunning Indian Architectures That Will Take Your Breath Away

Hello Readers, Welcome Back To Humor Nation. Indian architectures are popular worldwide. The ancient craftsman surely had incredible skills. Even at the time when there were no technological resources available, they came up with such beautiful architectures. Be it The Taj Mahal or the Ajanta Ellora Caves, each of these architectures has their own story to tell.

The walls of these architectures are carved with perfection. Seems as if these incredible monuments speak about their builder’s tales. A general visit to these stunning architectures takes you back to the cultural times.

We today have discovered enough resources and technology. Even we have made some good monuments. But these divine architectures, hold no comparison. They attract foreign tourists more than any other Indian thing does.

These architectures have proved to be our cultural pride. Apart from being a good tourist destination, they actively are a beautiful part of the nation. Spend at good vacation at any one of them and you too will be proud of being an Indian.

They say invaders ruined the nation. But each coin has two faces. These monuments are the best gifts the ancient invaders gave us. Mughals surely accept much of the credit individually. They were the ones who transformed India into such a beautiful cultural sight.

Here is a general help to plan your vacation. Do visit the below-mentioned architectures and you’ll surely have a trip to the mesmerizing tales of history.

1. Sun Temple Konarka – Odisha

10 Stunning Indian Architectures

2. Ajanta Ellora caves- Maharashtra

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3. The Taj Mahal – Uttar Pradesh

10 Stunning Indian Architectures

4. Fatehpur Sikri – Uttar Pradesh

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