10 Things About Stranger Things That Make No Sense

4. Escape of Eleven

Hawkins Lab was a place of high security but still Eleven escaped all those barriers and no body knows how. How can a super secure place cannot secure a girl under them.

5. Demogorgon

Whenever Demogorgon took someone away, they never came out alive like many scientists and Barbara. But mysteriously Will survives and is not harmed by the Demogorgon, Why? What was special in him that he was spared? Nobody really knows.

6. Demogorgon in Joyce’s freezer

When during the season Eleven kills a Demogorgon while saving everyone in Joyce’s house, Dustin requests everyone to save the body and put it in freezer as a proof of an Upside Down creature. But later on no sign of the creature preserved in the freezer is seen. Where did it go? What did they do to it?

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