You Must Know These 10 Things Which China Does Better Than Any Other Country In The World!

Hey, What’s up people! We are back with a new article on a crazy topic. China is a super populated country (1st in Asia), hence it has ultimate human resources (of course, population is high, workers are more high). Electronics, mobile, dresses, toys, automobiles etc. had labels of “Made in China”. There is no field left untouched by China. This country’s progress is talking high strides in aspects of technology and infrastructure. Every new technology arrives in China before many other countries. There are certain things that makes China different from other countries. The economic growth rate is fast and along with that, China gets a lot of FDI too.
Ask people for a list of things China is famous for and you might expect a healthy dose of sarcasm. But cast aside cynicism and you’ll find a number of incredible things China does best.

We’ve got 10 of them right here:

1. Calligraphy

Millions of masters have proved their skills in calligraphy art form. Their wonderful arts have valued over millions of dollars. These art pieces are priceless. This is a famous art of China and YES! CHINA IS UNBEATABLE IN CALLIGRAPHY (Hats off!)

2. Cheap But Fast Infrastructure Development

The rate of development of an infrastructure in China is beyond any other country’s practical thinking level. China is cheap as well as extremely fast with great and enthusiastic workers and laborers (Grand bow to you China!).

3. Tea

As we know there are 100’s of varieties of wine present around, but in china you will find 800+ varieties of tea. There pertains no competition. These varieties have different characteristics depending on atmospheric and cultivating tendencies. In fact, in China Tea is a psychological need i.e. Chinese believe drinking tea is a great method to socialize and people believe that it strengthens relations be it personal or professional.

4. Public Transport

China’s management regarding public transport is great. People there doesn’t have to rush much , no lines, no hosch-posch, crying babies, and crowd etc. Even the trains arrival and departure is “Dot -On -Time”. For instance, Shanghai subway system has multiple spokes and this has made it easier to connect the city (KUDOS!).

5. Copying

Name anything and you will find it in China, cheaper and branded, how? Because China and copying goes hand in hand. Electronics, cars, dresses, branded or not branded, you will find the exact things in cheaper prices. This is the basic reason why Chinese things are popular in every country’s market.

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6. Dumplings

Families in China celebrate the New Year by lighting up the fireworks, singing, dancing, and eating the dumplings together. Dumplings are associated with auspicious and magnanimous things in China.

More than an eatable product , dumplings are considered as an art form.


They prepare and decorate the dumplings with wrapping them up with transparent paper (har grow and the classic dim sum dumplings), dumplings dipped in the mouth-watering, numbing sauce (the longchaoshou), dumplings with fish meat (style of Chiu Chow) and the ones with soup (xiaolongbao).

7. Renewable Energy

Comparably China is the only country which invest a lot of money in renewable resources. China believes in 100% efficiency hence it takes lot of successful chances in terms of renewable energy. Also it is a great achievement (Applauds!).

8. Public Safety

China is considered as the safest country. China invests a lot in terms of safety of general public. Also equipments of armed forces are considered after ensuring the proud safety. Also for domestic security appliances, China spends a lot and positive results pops out every time.

9. Simple Living

You Must Know These 10 Things Which China Does Better Than Any Other Country In The World!

Chinese people live a simple yet high standardized life. Along with their simple yet charismatic appearances they truly believe that upliftment of inner soul should be kept primary. They do not crave for money and luxuries but are satisfied and humble in what they have and what they earn.

Beware! countries China soon could be a world leader.

10. Building Smart Individuals Through Smart Education

China has great funding policies for students who wants to go abroad and have higher studies which let 1000’s of students every year to go abroad and study. There is only one condition that after studies they should come back and work for the development of this nation. Kudos! to the great ideas and investments made in human resources. No wonder in China’s great achievements.

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