10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wonder Woman!

Hey there folks! What’s up? Welcome back to Humor Nation, today we’re going to talk about Wonder Woman, we’ll be looking at some unknown facts about the greatest female superhero “Wonder Woman”. So let’s get started.

Now Let’s Take A Look At 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wonder Woman!

1. The Creation Of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was partially created in response to Nazi ideology. Have you ever thought about the fact that the rise of superhero comics coincides with the rise of the Nazis in Germany. Some critics claimed even Superman can be considered a Nazi with his ubermensch traits. In order to save the ninth art from such allegations Superman publisher Max Gaines hired William Marston to create a female character. The goal was to reduce all the violent tendencies in the comics of that time and escape the accusations of flirting with the Nazi stories.

Marston happened to be fascinated by the suffragettes who were a bunch of women fighting for their voting rights in the late 19th and early 20th century, inspired by them Marston had created Wonder Woman. She immediately became an icon for women. Ironically in a 1942 story the Justice League society left behind Wonder Woman when they embarked on a journey to fight the Nazis. She was a Justice Society secretary so she stayed in the office.

9. The Problem With Wonder Woman

One part of Wonder Woman’s body was a problem back in the 40’s. You don’t need too many clothes when you have to save the world right? Wonder Woman was always depicted with not too many clothing items which impose a huge problem back in the early forties. A few thing parents were nagging about Wonder Woman’s legs which are very exposed. You are wrong if you think she has caused scandalous reactions with her breasts, you’re wrong again because her breasts were not so prominently drawn in the early days.

Anyway what has caused world troubles and parents rant was actually her back. Apparently the back was too expose which was considered tasteless and a bad influence on the young readers. What did Martin do about it? Literally nothing, her back remained uncovered throughout the decades until the present day.

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8. The Creator Of Wonder Woman

The creative behind Wonder Woman was a very interesting guy. Of course you know about Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth, but do you know that William Marston was actually credited with inventing the Polygram as well. Yes the creator of Wonder Woman was interesting for many things besides the comic book. He graduated from Harvard and held a PhD in psychology. Marston also worked as a lawyer and an advocate for women, he had a rather interesting love life.

He lived with two women at the same time. One of them was his wife Elizabeth Marston and the other one was his former student Olive Byrne who lives with the two of them in an extended relationship. Both of them have influences work a lot including his work on creating Wonder Woman. During World War I, Marston was a part of the army psychological division and finally he did a lot of writing as well.

7. Weapons Of Wonder Woman

She has many danger weapons that you may not know, you don’t want to mess with this lady. Although we usually think she only uses the lasso of truth and bracelets of victory. But she actually has an entire set of different weapons from the regular weapons such as the battle axes and spirits. To more exotic and unusual weapons such as a magical sword and a royalty of her own. You wouldn’t expect a princess superhero to walk around with any of these right? An invisible jet might sound awesome enough, but things get even cooler when you find out that she owns an array of super-powered earrings..

6. Her complex Identity

Things were kind of slippery when it comes to Wonder Woman’s identity as her story was changing over the years. The first version says she originates from the Thermyscira, the land of Amazon women. Her mother Hippolyta, the queen of Amazon made her out of clay. She immediately gave her beauty strength and the wisdom of Greek gods. The current version of the comic book, Wonder Woman is a daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. Her origins and birth is not the only complex thing about her identity. Actually she uses three identities, she’s Wonder Woman, she is Princess Diana of Thermyscira and outside of her country she is Diana Prince.

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5. She Is Also A Goddess

In a recent Wonder Woman story it was revealed that she’s not only the princess of the Amazon, but also the goddess of war . The story shows a year of her childhood spent under the mentor ship of Aries, the God of War who wants her to kill Minotaur. Choosing to spare Minotaur’s life she betrays Ares and loses his respect. Much later during a conflict with her half-brother she has to kill Aries.

By killing them she becomes the goddess of war so what can she do with their war powers? This is not yet explained in details, but it is certain that she can communicate with the soldiers telepathically. Aries could also raise dead soldiers for the battle, but we still don’t know whether Diana can do that as well. Anyways this aspect of her story is very new and it sounds exciting and follow the further development of the entire thing.

4. Her Weaknesses

Wonder Woman actually has many weaknesses. Although Wonder Woman is one of those badass superheroes who don’t really care about the no kill rule, but she actually has quite a number of weaknesses. Some of them being even well unusual. One of the things making a really weak is when a man ties their hands, breaking her bracelets also causes one of her weaknesses which is uncontrollable rage. Among her other weaknesses are various types of poison, silicon gas, scarecrow gas and certain sharp objects and also she’s not bulletproof either.

3. The Only Original Member Of The Justice League

The position of Wonder Woman as an alternate female icon claimed by  her position in the DC Universe side-by-side with the tough male superheroes. She was one of the original Justice League members next to Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, The Flash and Green Lantern. Wonder Woman was with them for the first issue featuring the Justice League released in March of 1960.

Although Wonder Woman’s role in the first Justice League issue was so to say limited as she was staying in the office taking care of the mail and answer the phone. She later got a more prominent role on the team using her full potential. She has remained the only female super of the Justice League until the 1970s when the team was joined by Zatanna and Hawkgirl.

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2. Wonder Woman Was Played By Miss World America

Wonder Woman unknown facts and things

TV series Wonder Woman was played by Lynda Carter who’s acting career was only a part of her public activities. She was also a musician from her early teenage days. Her band called “The Relatives” once performed in Las Vegas and Linda still being a minor had to sneak in through the kitchen to perform. Before she became famous for acting she became the Miss World America in 1972. Although she played numerous roles on television she remained that recognized and loved for her role in Wonder Woman in the TV series running from 1975 to 1979.

1. Wonder Woman Movie

This is the first film with a dominant female superhero in the last 12 years if you remember the last one was “Elektra” in 2005. The strong activist symbolism related to Wonder Woman’s character continues in the fact that the film was directed by a woman Patty Jenkins whose 20003 film “Monster” won numerous awards including an Academy Award for the best actress in a leading role. Wonder Woman was a big box office success, it was applauded by the critics and it saved the DC Cinematic Universe. This year we’re going to see Justice League in which Wonder Woman is gonna be played as Gal Gadot again.

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