10 Things Girls Notice First In Guys! Be Careful While You’re With Her

Hey guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. Girls not only think emotionally always, but sometimes rationally too. Creating a good impression in first meet is not only one thing that you have to do, creating a good impression regularly is a key to win her heart.

You guys always want to know what we girls want, right? Here is the key to answers to all your problems. Let us take the challenge to find the solutions:

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Things Girls Notice First In Guys! Be Careful while With Her!

1. The Way You Greet Her

Yes! When you meet her, greet her. She notices these small things. These are very small, but really important things to her. Leave a mark on her heart. This gesture will make a long-lasting impression on her. Also it will make your meetings memorable.

2. Body Language Is Necessary

Not only while impressing her, but also in other aspects of life, your body language is a very important. Keep yourself uplifted and original. Originality differentiates you from the rest of the others. Be in good mood at every date.

3. The Way You Smell

10 Things Girls Notice First In Guys! Be Careful While You're With Her

Your perfume also matters. Use a good perfume. Not too strong which make her sniff and not too faded which may attenuate before reaching to her. Use a moderate perfume which has a soothing fragrance.

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4. The Way You Dress

Let us take an example here- You are going to meet a girl. You walk to her in a loose shirt and shabby trousers and your friend walks to her neatly and smartly dressed. Who will she fall for? Of course your friend. Believe me, being a girl I must know – When you guys are with us, the way you dress matters the most to us. We somehow want that every other girl should be jealous of me because I have the smartest guy beside me. Take it as a tip.

5. Movement Of Eyes

Ahaan! Beware here. Your eyes should meet her eyes while talking. Don’t let the mischievous eyes play. She notices what you are looking at. Making her uncomfortable can make you lose her for life.


6. Your Behavior With Others

Already said – She notices every damn thing. A sweet and kind guy make her feel that you are different from others. Be good to waiters, people you meet, your friends, and especially be super awesome in front of her friends. Also give her all your attention while with her friends. You’re gonna get her.

7. Sense Of Humor

More than having a good sense of humor, focus on having a smart sense of humor while being with a girl. She likes a guy if he is able of make her laugh. Girls have so many things to be upset, and if you can make her laugh, believe me they will seek a partner in you.

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8. Even Your Shoes

Not only what your wear on your body, but what you wear below your legs also matters. She even notices your shoes. Wear shoes according to the occasion and you will win her over.

9. Flatter, But Smartly

Girls love guys who flatter, but over- flattering may lower your image. Flatter her, compliment her, but genuinely. Excess of everything is denied. Don’t flatter excessively, but give genuine compliments. She loves hearing compliments.

10. Your Physique

Yes, Yes, Yes! It matters. Not only your pure heart, your physique do matter. The very first thing visible to anyone is your physique. Maintain it, keep it in good condition to get her.

Some hidden rules to make her fall for you. Apply these tricks and then thank me later for providing the key solutions. Keep reading, keep loving, keep supporting Humor Nation! Stay tuned. Like. Share. Comment!

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