10 Things Only Hostelites Can Relate To!

Hello people! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Living in a hostel is not easy. But living in hostel is a feeling that cannot be described in words. It is the best life during college days. If you haven’t lived in a hostel, believe me you have missed so much fun. Let’s take a look at the 10 things that hostelites go through.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Things Only Hostelites Can Relate To!

1. Washing your clothes means soaking them in detergent water overnight. Yes! Funny, but true it is. Some of us don’t know how to wash clothes, some of us are very lazy, and some of us believe the advertisement which says soaking clothes can remove most of the dirt from clothes. This is our cloth-washing mantra.

2. Maggie and tea are life-saver for us. Day, night and noon, without tea our day is incomplete and midnight hunger can only be managed by Maggie. And also sharing a plate of maggi with 3 roommates is a feeling which can’t be described. All those tea memes are made because of our love for tea.

3. Hostelers just need a reason to celebrate. Birthday hai to party! Break up hua hai to Break up party, Exam me top karne ki party, Back lagi to – Tu asli engineer hai uski party. Best of all is when we leave hostel, we get grand farewell from friends and juniors. This love is unmatchable.

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4. Movies are our lifeline. Even during exams, TV series and movies are the our saviors from boredom. The total number of subjects of college multiplied by 25 is the number of movies we watch in a year.

5. We have to be in good books of our watchman. More than our best friend, he is our secret keeper. Sometimes bribing him serves the purpose.


6. Whenever our parents visit us they don’t only get to meet their children, but also they find 50-60 children who make them feel like home. Also any food item or beverages bought by them is finished in an hour. Everyone of us eat it together.

7. Hostel students and bath have no relation distantly. Sometimes there are competitions among us that who who can go on for long without taking a bath. We always need just one reason to skip bathing. It is a prime dialogue that – It is better to take a few more minutes of sleep than to take a bath.


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8. Break-up in hostel calls for celebrations. Our broken heart is mended by our friends in spur of a moment. And people sit together to hit on other people after one has gone.

9. Our belongings are no more ours as soon as we enter the hostel. We share each and every thing we own. From our comb, bucket, brush to our garments. Every single thing is shared between 5 people.

10 Things Only Hostelites Can Relate To!

10. Most hilarious moments are those when your parents call and you are at the middle of a party. You can’t pickup the phone and you can’t reject.

There are many more too…..All these small and big things make hostel life so amazing and mesmerizing. It made me emotional to share this plot. I started reminiscing all I go through.Hope you guys have enjoyed a lot too.

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