10 Things You Should Never Ever Share With Anybody!

things you should never share
We share almost everything with our friends but there are many things that you should never share with anybody.

We share almost everything with our friends as they are an important part of our lives, but there are many things that you should never share with anybody. It doesn’t mean that we are asking you to keep distance with your friends, but it’s only for your safety and well-being.

Here Is A List Of 10 Things You Should Never Ever Share.

1. Earbuds.

Earbuds carry a lot of bacteria from the ears, using other people’s headphones is like offering your ear for their bacteria to reproduce and some diseases are transmitted this way so next time you’re going to listen to some music with your friend don’t forget to wipe the headphones out.

2. Razor.

Well, there’s no need to comment on that you can imagine all the dead skin cells are accumulated inside not to mention the huge amount of bacteria and things like that, plus people occasionally cut themselves while shaving not on purpose of course! So there’s always a chance of picking up some blood-borne infection.

3. Toothpaste.

Using other people’s toothpaste is not as dangerous as using someone else’s toothbrush, but you will be surprised to hear that there is still a chance of getting some infection, especially if contagious bristles of touch that tubes edges.

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4. Bar-Soap.

Its surface is all covered with organisms from the skin of the last person to use it thus it becomes a disease carrier even if its anti-bacterial soap, still it’s not that good as a bacteria killer as things like alcohol for example. It is much worse when it’s floating in water liquids help fungi bacteria and viruses to easily reproduce.

5. Towel.

It turns out that the familiar smell of an old towel is caused by the accumulation of bacteria fungi and mind you, a common towel as a whole incubator the microbes, especially if it’s always hanging in a wet bathroom contaminated cells can transmit fungal infections onto the skin actually causing bacteria and even pink eye.

6. Nail Nippers.

A nail mending kit is actually a happy place for bacteria and infections to live, they just love it there and through manicure sets, a person can pass to someone else’s fungi or so-called athlete’s foot. It’s highly recommended to disinfect the nippers with alcohol containing solution after every use.

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7. Toothbrush.

Using someone else’s toothbrush could be pretty dangerous even if you clean it meticulously every time after you use it, there is still going to be some bacteria left that will grow and reproduce while you’re sleeping and if your own bacteria can do you no harm they still transmit you pathogens that call someone else the common cold strip norovirus and more.

8. Tweezers.

Actually, if the tweezers are clean the chance of getting something weird is really tiny, otherwise they immediately turn into a dangerous carrier of blood-borne infections but these cases are very rare, but you must still bear in mind that using infectious tweezers puts you at risk of catching hepatitis C or HIV.

9. Lip Balms.

One of the most vulnerable parts of our bodies is the lips skin, under the thin membrane there is a thick net of capillaries that absorb everything that gets onto the lips including microbes through someone else’s bomb you can catch herpes even if the owner has no visible signs of the disease.

10. Deodorant.

It’s not the best decision to use something that has been to someone else’s armpit, roll-on or stick deodorant may mask the smell with fragrance, but it can easily transmit potentially pathogenic microbes from other people’s underarms to yours.

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