10 Things You Are Not Allowed To Do In Dubai

Hello guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page. Today we’re looking at things you should never do in Dubai. So let’s get started.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Things You Are Not Allowed To Do In Dubai!

10. Using Your Left Hand

Yes that’s right! In Dubai, it is considered rude and very offensive to touch things, opening gates, or eating food or drinks using the left hand. The reason behind it is that the people use left hand for cleaning themselves when in the toilet. So if you’re left handed person then you should start using your right hand if you’re planning to visit Dubai.

9. Revealing Clothing

In Dubai, women are strictly expected to not wear any revealing clothing such as Miniskirts and crop tops. Such clothing is banned in Dubai and women shouldn’t wear them. They are required to cover up their knees and shoulders. If you’re wearing revealing clothing in Dubai then the authorities can arrest you if you they find your clothing too offensive.

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8. Song And Dance

In every country, in every city you might find talented street performers, singers, dancers performing in front of the audiences in the street. But that’s not the case in Dubai, here you will find those street perfomers in jail. You’re not allowed to publicly perform, you’re not allowed to sing or dance. Also playing loud music in the public is also not allowed in the country.

7. Kissing

I am sure you love your other better half, but in Dubai you’re not allowed to display your affection towards your partner publicly. It is forbidden to kiss in public and you could be arrested. Tourists who are found kissing publicly can be arrested and deported back to their countries. Hugging publicly is also not disapproved by the locals.

6. Drinking Publicly

Like most of the countries, drinking publicly is banned in Dubai. However you can drink at your home, but you’re required to have a liquor license. You can also get a permit which will allow you to drink at the licensed venues.


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5. Being Gay

10 Things You Are Not Allowed To Do In Dubai

Homosexuality is forbidden in Dubai. If you’re a homosexual person who is planning to visit Dubai then you better conceal your sexual orientation while you’re in Dubai. The homosexual marriage is also illegal in Dubai. If you try to display your homosexual affection openly in the public then you can be arrested by the authorities.

4. Photography

If you’re visiting Dubai to spend your vacation, I am sure that you would want to take some pictures to capture the wonderful memories of your stay, but be aware of where and what pictures you take of in Dubai. Dubai locals would not like you for taking pictures of them without their permission. Also it is prohibited to take pictures of government buildings in Dubai.

3. Drugs

Dubai has a strict zero tolerance for any type of drug offenses. If you are found guilty of smuggling or possessing drugs, even if it’s in small quantity then the punishment can be as severe as death penalty. Even marijuana is illegal in Dubai and it could give you a sentence of minimum of four years in prison.

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2. Swearing

While in many countries and cities, it is very common to see people on the road verbally fighting, giving each other the finger and using explicit language while arguing. But all that will not be tolerated in Dubai, any type of swearing is strictly prohibited here. Even the acts of swearing, making rude gestures, showing middle finger to someone could land you in prison or get your deported if you’re a tourist.

1. Nudity

And the most offensive thing that you shouldn’t do in Dubai is to be naked or wearing partial clothing in public. Even on beaches, the women are expected to wear decent swimsuits rather than bikinis. Men are required to wear shirts despite of the blazing heat of Dubai.

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