11 Things Sherlock TV Series Taught Me About Life

The most popular Sherlock TV series by BBC where Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting reinvented the character, gave a new look, breathed a new life in the character. Along with him is Martin Freeman who plays the iconic role of ‘Dr. John Watson’. If you analyze this ‘Sherlock’ character, he can teach you a lot of things. Sherlock can understand human mind better than most of the people. His observation skills are unique. His reasoning skills are extraordinary, he has quick decision making skills, he also has the ability to judge a person’s character, these qualities are something we can learn from him. Although the series has only 13 episodes, but they are nothing sort of masterpiece.

So let’s take a look at 11 Things That Sherlock TV Series Taught Me About Life!

1. Never let your emotions overpower you, never let your emotions block you from thinking rationally. Emotions can cloud your judgement, can make you take the wrong move. Always keep a check on your emotions, you’re much stronger than them.

2. You might have heard Sherlock say this a lot of times. “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable it is, it must be the truth”. So the trick is not to distract yourself by focusing on the improbably, only focus on what’s possible. It’s all being rational, not wasting our time and energy on the unrealistic goals. Sometimes we become so obsessed with an idea which is almost impossible to achieve, we waste our energy and time in achieving it. It’s better to be a realist, deal with facts and logic.

3. Don’t just see things, observe them. Everyday we come across a lot of stuff, if we could learn to observe each and every tiny detail in our daily lives. we could develop our senses. Being mindful and aware all the time is no less than the superhuman powers. Everything in this world has some significance, every little thing that you think is worthless. Everything makes sense if your perspective allows it to.

4.  How in the beginning Lestrade hopes that Sherlock will become a good man someday. Surely Sherlock possesses many extraordinary, qualities, he is beyond the average human, he has his talents, but he lacks certain things. He lacks qualities that make a good man like emotional connect with people, empathy and understanding. So it’s more important to become a good person than a great person.


5. Remember when Sherlock was shot, he was going in the shock, and was about to die. But he used his mind palace to survive the shock and not die quickly. He didn’t give up, he kept fighting. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is just optional. You can’t escape from your pain, but you can choose not to suffer. 

6. Never judge a book by its cover. So don’t judge people by their appearances because appearances can be deceiving, people are not always what they seem to be. You have to look beyond the looks to see what they really are..deep down inside.

7.  What differentiates the humans from other species is that humans are capable of expressing themselves. Human beings are creatures of emotions, they find happiness by expressing their self. That’s why forms of art like writing, painting, singing is developed, all so that people can express their feelings and ideas.  Feelings should be shared, one must not hide them. Always share your feelings.

8. Every great story needs a great villain, a villain brings out the best in a hero. A hero keeps fighting a villain throughout the story, overcomes many challenges, and ultimately emerge victorious. Whether it’s a story book or the story of life, enemies are very important. They let you know your short-comings and provide you the chance of self-improvement.

9. Only John Watson is capable of dealing with the high functioning sociopath and making him realize how he’s an idiot at times.  John Watson is his true friend. John may not be as much intelligent as Sherlock, but he’s honest at heart, he cares about Sherlock.

10. The most simplest and the most hardest thing you’ll ever find is being yourself. No matter how hard you try to be someone else, how hard you try to do their thing, you’ll fall short. Be yourself, do your thing, no matter how crazy it sounds, that’s the only way you’re ever going to find happiness.

11. Why do we have this constant need of having the approval of others? Why do we think that behaving a certain way would make people like us? You know sometimes it’s better to not follow the flock and become a lone wolf. 


Anshay Tomar
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