10 Things That Disappointed The Fans Most In Game Of Thrones Finale

8 Jon Snow’s ending

So many discussions were made about his claim to the iron throne since the end of season 6. But in season 8 nobody cared about his claim in the end and we were sent to the night’s watch for killing Dany and on the other hand when Jaime killed King Aerys he was spared by King Robert. So his ending wasn’t something we liked for sure because he deserved better than it.

7. How Daenerys died

People had mixed feelings about her death and how her character became the Mad Queen all of a sudden in this season. Through all the seven seasons her character was something we loved and rooted for and suddenly her character went all down which made us upset. Anyways, we expected that maybe Arya will kill her as her prophecy stated that but instead, she died in the hands of her love.

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6. Ending was anti-climatic

Game of Thrones was full of climax and shocking scenes but the ending became too anti-climatic for us that made the fans quite upset. This was not something we expected from the series finale episode.

5. The fact that Wall still exists

Game of thrones finale

The question stands that why do they still need a wall? Even Jon Snow asked that. There is no need of the wall as the wildlings work together in Winterfell and there is no threat of the Night King and his dead people. So basically it’s useless to have a wall.

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