10 Things That Disappointed The Fans Most In Game Of Thrones Finale

4. Cersei’s End

Game of thrones finale

All her life she made everyone’s life miserable and we expected her death to be more dramatic. But she died alongside Jaime getting tramped by rocks, that’s not how we wanted her to die. Maybe the dragon eating her would’ve looked better.

3. No characters left

In the end, very few main characters were left and mainly we could only see the Starks surviving after all. No Tyrells, No Targaryens except Jon who had no claim, Tyrion from the Lannisters. Only three women were left including Sansa, Arya, and Yara.

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2. Bran becoming the King

Game of thrones finale

In the previous season, we saw that Bran had no interest in becoming the Lord of Winterfell and he said that he can’t be a Lord as he’s a Three Eyed Raven. But as soon as he was given the chance to become a king, he accepted. Isn’t that strange and he did nothing for the throne and still became a king, that’s even more strange.

1. Bran’s supernatural power was of no help

Game of thrones finale

Bran was the Three-Eyed Raven and we thought that he might be of more help in season 8. But he wasn’t of any use because all he did was be creepy and close his eyes all the time. He did do anything to save the North during the Long Night. It was everyone else who fought the war.

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