7 Things That Only A True Supernatural Fan Will Understand!

4. Bitch! Jerk! Idjit! Assbutt!

Supernatural is full of so many phrases that normal people won’t understand. The brothers share a ritual displaying their strong association, this just signifies how much the boys love each other and at the same time play around with each other. One should never insult an archangel, but Castiel seems to disagree. Coming up with an insult like Assbutt just goes to show how much Castiel has learnt from the Winchesters.


It’s okay if you don’t like pie, but you surely know what pie means to Dean Winchester! It’s the most favorite thing in the world for him. The impala is not just a car, it’s Dean’s baby, it’s family. And well nothing beats the classic rock!

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6. Stay Inside The Salt Circle

Salt is a very important ingredient for making delicious dishes, it’s a very common kitchen item. But only Supernatural fans understand how much powerful weapon salt is. Do you feel you’re not alone? Do you sense any paranormal presence around you? Hearing strange unusual noises and experiencing cold spots in your house? Do you see the lights flickering? Well it’s time to grab the salt, just stay inside the salt ring and you’ll be safe.

7.The Pizza Man

Life is all about learning new things. We learn a lot from the people around us, we learn from watching television, interacting with people. What could you possibly learn from a man who delivers a pizza? Nothing? Well think again, Castiel sure learned quite a few tricks from the pizza delivery guy.

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