10 Things That Should Be Banned In India For Sure

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. From Porn to PUBG, our Indian government is very famous for putting a ban on every other strange thing and ignoring the real issues of this country. This government should put a ban on those things that are a real issue of this country and also take advice from the local people. So let’s know what our people in India think should be actually banned, so let’s start.

So here are those things that should be actually banned in India according to every Indian!

1. The building of statues should really be banned in India. Government is unnecessarily building statues and lots of money is actually wasted on it which could be used in better ways for people in India.

2. The government should ban the immersion of God’s idols in rivers and lakes as it pollutes the whole water body.

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3. Godmen of India should be actually banned as they play with the innocent minds of Indian people and exploit them in various ways.

4. Vandalism should be banned as it is causing enormous harm to our historical monuments.

5. Littering should also be banned in public spaces because it is really a serious problem. People just dump their waste in public places and pollute the complete environment.

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