10 Things Wrong With Riverdale That Everyone Chooses To Ignore

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. If you think that Riverdale is a perfect show, then you’re wrong because nothing is always perfect. There are many such things in Riverdale that we completely choose to ignore and we’ll tell you today that where it goes wrong. So let’s start!

So here is a list of the 10 things wrong with Riverdale that everyone chooses to ignore!

10. The school doesn’t matter

10 Things Wrong With Riverdale That Everyone Chooses To Ignore

School clearly doesn’t matter in the show where the characters are in high school because we can’t see them attending classes or studying or taking tests. We just watch them roaming in the corridors and solving crimes of the city.

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9. Too many gangs in a town

There are many gangs in this show like the Southside Serpents, Ghoulies and now we also have the Pretty Poisons. They all to illegal stuff in the town and their image is not bad at all and people think they’re helpful. This just never happens in the real world, so it is unrealistic.

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