10 Times ’13 REASONS WHY’ Broke Our Hearts And Made Us Feel Too Much

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. 13 Reasons Why is a teen drama show which follows the story of a girl named Hannah Baker who eventually takes her own life and leaves behind 13 tapes and each tape is directed to a particular person who’s responsible for her death. This show showed us that sometimes it gets difficult to escape from bullying and that too with our technology. Not only someone can be bullied face to face but also through the use of new technologies and this show shows the real bitter truth of our society. Although some scenes in this show were really happy but some moments just broke our heart right away. So here we present some heart breaking moments from the show.

So here are the times from the show 13 Reasons Why when we felt heart broken and sobbed like crazy!

1. The rise and fall of friendship between Hannah, Alex and Jessica

10 Times '13 Reasons Why' Broke Our Heart And Made Us Feel Too Much

The rise and fall of friendship between these three was so relatable and we felt really bad when slowly Hannah was being left alone by her own friends. Seeing her making efforts to keep her friendship even though Alex and Jessica weren’t made us cry and relate to the real world.

2. Hannah and Clay at the dance

10 Times '13 Reasons Why' Broke Our Heart And Made Us Feel Too Much

The scene wasn’t a sad scene but it did make us emotional as we saw Clay and Hannah dance. The chemistry between the two was just perfect and seeing Clay remember those moments and remembering Hannah was just heart breaking.

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