10 Times ’13 REASONS WHY’ Broke Our Hearts And Made Us Feel Too Much

3. Hannah’s Valentine’s day date

10 Times '13 Reasons Why' Broke Our Heart And Made Us Feel Too Much

Hannah’s date was Marcus who seemed like a good guy in the beginning but he proved us all wrong as he also thought that Hannah was an easy target. He just wanted to make a move and show his friends that, that scene was really shocking for us all and we surely felt bad for Hannah.

4. Jeff’s death

10 Times '13 Reasons Why' Broke Our Heart And Made Us Feel Too Much

Jeff Atkins was a lovable character in the show and his tragic death was really shocking for us all. He was the only one who supported Clay in opening his heart to Hannah as he knew what Hannah meant to Clay. He was the one who never bullied Hannah and he deserved better. The point where Clay comes to know that he died of drunk driving was really heart breaking because Jeff wasn’t even drunk that night when he left the party.

5. Justin and his mom’s relationship

Justin surely had flaws in his character but the relation he shared with his mother was rather bad and abusive. Everyone at some point fell bad for Justin and at the point where her mother chooses her boyfriend over Justin was really heart breaking.

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