10 Times ’13 REASONS WHY’ Broke Our Hearts And Made Us Feel Too Much

6. Jessica’s rape

In the tenth episode it was shown that Jessica gets intoxicated in her own party and Justin being her boyfriend did the right thing by putting her to bed after she passed out. But Bryce being Bryce forced himself on Justin to get out of his way and Justin couldn’t do anything to stop him. Bryce then takes advantage of Jessica’s state and abuses her while Hannah watches all this as she was hiding in her room. This particular scene was so disturbing and we really felt bad for Jessica as no one including her boyfriend couldn’t do anything to save her.

7. When Clay heard his tape

Th night of Jessica’s party Hannah and Clay got along were having fun in each other’s company and they went to Jessica’s room to hook up. But Hannah starts panicking as she did not have a great past with men and she yells at Clay and asks him to leave. Then Clay actually leaves and Hannah actually wanted to him to stay and not leave her behind. That moment broke her heart and listening this all on tape broke Clay’s heart too and he regrets leaving her alone that night and also regrets why he did not tell her how much he loves her.

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