10 Times Disney Copied/Reused Scenes From Its Own Cartoons!

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor nation. To all the Disney fans, this may not be news to you that all your favorite shows are in a way or the other, inspired by an external source or maybe from a series owned by Disney. Not all the shows or cartoons aired by Disney feature an original idea and we will discuss here some of the cartoons that were actually inspired from other cartoons as well.

10 Times Disney actually have copied scenes/characters and you may have actually missed:

1. Robin Hood (1973) and The Jungle Book (1967):

The jungle book is one of the most famous cartoons aired by Disney with its range of movies and daily shows. While it has an original idea of the jungle and had a lot of budget for it, on the other hand, Robin Hood is one of the lowest budget movies Disney ever produced and so it had to get some characters and scenes to be copied from somewhere and The Jungle Book it was.

10 Times Disney Copied/Reused Scenes From Its Own Cartoons!

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2. 101 Dalmatians (1961) and The Jungle Book (1967):

The movie Dalmations with its attractive theme featuring Dalmatian dogs in its movie is considered an original idea. While this turned out to be a great movie, The Jungle Book released in 1967 had some scenes which were copied from the ever popular movie The Dalmatians. The dog with their tails moving to look away in the jungle was a scene that was clearly copied.

10 Times Disney Copied/Reused Scenes From Its Own Cartoons!

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