10 Times India Lost Precious Things To Robberies And Thefts

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. India is known as ‘ sone ki chidiya’ and people in India continue to make effort to preserve the resources left right now. But there have been many incidents regarding robberies and thefts that caused a lot of damage to the heritage of our country.

So let’s check out those 10 times when India lost precious things to robberies and thefts

1. Some burglars stole personal belongings of the Mir Osman Ali Khan from the Nizam’s Museum in Hyderabad that included gold tiffin box, a spoon studded with rubies, diamonds and some emeralds and a cup and saucer of precious metals.

2. The Patiala necklace got stolen from the royal treasury of Patiala in the year 1948, the necklace had 2930 diamonds in it and was the world’s most expensive jewelry.

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3. Statues worth $4,50,000 were stolen and found in the U.S which belonged to Jain and Hindu deities.

4. Buddha statue was stolen from a museum situated in Nalanda which was from the 12th century. It was found in London and recently returned to India this year by U.K.

5. Precious silverware got stolen from the Ranjit Vilas Palace in Morbi, Gujarat worth Rs.8 lakhs.

10 Times India Lost Precious Things To Robberies And Thefts


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