10 Times When Real Life Experiences Became Pun Intended

Hello Reader! Welcome to Humor Nation. It’s a dry and boring world without the existence of puns and the life-jokes around. I personally feel I can’t feel lively without watching such puns and memes naturally occurring around me and just like any other person cannot stay alive without actually being happy, you need these in your life just like water and food. There must be a single friend in your group who would be a pro at generating puns and making people laughing their ass off. I am here today, presenting you such hilarious co-incidents which will surely tickle your funny bone, so hold tight.

Cases wherein the real-life experiences were no short of a pun:

1. Ever saw a perfect line of dominoes falling one after the other? Well, this shit just got real.

10 Times When The Puns Got Literally Real

2. We talk about how tired we are after a long hectic day, but do we ever think about how much can a bull get tired? Like really.

10 Times When The Puns Got Literally Real

3. I tried multiple times since my childhood but couldn’t find a perfect square root ever. 

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4. Ever thought what does raising a “LOW PRICE” actually mean in real life? Well take a look at the Wallmart’s way of saying it. (Look closely)

5. Waiting for the Spring season? Don’t worry it just around the corner.

6. What could be a better representation of real-life Mario-Kart would be? Mario, Is that you?

10 Times When The Puns Got Literally Real

7. Ever come up with a better pickup line than this? I bet you haven’t.

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8. If you could actually picturise the falling of the petrol and diesel prices in India, it would actually look like this. Cuz it ain’t going down anytime soon boys. 

9. I would be really serious when I’ll be saying that I am not a big fan though! Hah, I am not joking about it. 

10 Times When The Puns Got Literally Real

10. If a person has actually taken “Drive-through” seriously in his traffic rules study book, and hence this is the consequence. 

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