10 Towns In The US Which Are Known For Scary & Creepy Reasons

Hey Folks! Welcome to Humor Nation. The United States has always been the apple of our eyes for various reasons. The smallest of the towns in the nation have their own stories to share. Apart from being the most sophisticated and pricey nation, the United States hides back many strange things in history.

Below is the list of 10 strange towns that may seem spooky, dangerous, futuristic or interesting. Maybe your heart couldn’t resist visiting them all!

10. The Flavor Graveyard – Vermont

The Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is the best flavor combination to soothe your taste buds. Every year they come up with various new flavor and eliminates the existing low revenue generators. the eliminated flavors are buried in the flavor graveyard.

10 Towns In The US Which Are Known For Scary & Creepy Reasons

9. The Lost Luggage Capital – Alabama

This is a place where the unclaimed luggage land. They sell those unclaimed pieces. You may find some really strange pieces of stuff at a good deal over there.

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8. Birthplace Of Captain Kirk – Riverside

The town has its own positive vibes. The celebrate everything that may get them luck. They have an assumed to be the birthdate of Star Trek and they celebrate it every year as river fest.

7. The Devil’s Crossroads – Clarksdale

The perfect place for ghost encounter. Once a young boy here sold his soul to a devil and fulfilled his learning desires. Since then the trick is followed by many here.

6. Time Capsule – Seward

Harold Davisson is the name behind the state. He had some special obsession with the year 1975. He saved every possible memory from the state in his time capsule which is now a tourist attraction.

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