10 Types Of Government In The World

Welcome to Humor Nation. What comes to your mind on hearing the word ‘government’? Well, yes, it reminds me of democracy, monarchy or dictatorship. But did you know there are several other types of governments too, the knowledge of which might surprise you!

So let’s quickly talk about the several  types of governments which you might have noticed but didn’t know about.


Also termed as the power of the rich and wealthy, this type of government, allows the upper class to have 100% control over the state related decisions.


Interesting as it may sound, this government is a government of corrupt leaders. They exercise their power to extract the most out of people and resources for their own good.

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Traditionally known as the Ochlocarcy, it is a government that consists of a mass of people or a mob. A mobocracy has no clear authority at all and runs by the agenda ‘might makes right’.


Definitely an odd government, a technocracy is a government ruled by scientists and technical experts. It does not depend on any political capital but the intellectual caliber of an individual.


Non-democratic by nature, Ethnocracy is government where top officials of a certain ethnic group hold all the power. Here, one religious sect, race or language dominates every other option politically.



This is the most lesser known form of government. The people who are elected in this government are generally those who have a strong love and need for honor. The idea was brought up by Plato and came in handy for Aristotle as well.


A diarchy government has two heads of the state and the power flows from one generation to the other in the family only. Though it is a very rare form of government, keeping the present state of affairs in mind, Andorra still follows this pattern of governance.


A government of the deserving, Meritocracy gives power to people on the basis of ability and talent instead of family influence or wealth. Singapore claims to be meritocratic in today’s world.

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Logocracy is a government ruled by words. Basically, in this type of government, the authorities use tricky wording to control it’s people.


10 Types Of Government In The World

This type of government has control over a group religious or ethnic of people rather than a geographical location. The leader has control over his followers only. For example- Dalai lama.

So these were some lesser known forms of government which one might have noticed but didn’t know about. Comment below and let us know which government do you belong to?

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