10 Types Of Indian Users That You Will Always Find In The Comments Section!

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet and it will stay that way for a long time. But among its 1.2 billion users, you will find all kinds of characters. Some are very nice and charming, while others are quite… unusual. You can come across these interesting characters in the comments section, Some of the comments may actually give you a good laugh, while some of them will make you question your sanity.

Facebook Comments are the most entertaining part of Facebook, users expressing their views and opinions in the comments section. There are many big pages on Facebook, pages that bring us a ton of entertaining content. These pages constantly post news updates, hilarious jokes, funny trolls and memes, they bring us the most unique and entertaining content on Facebook. But what makes these pages more special is their amazing fan base. These fans are always there supporting these pages, liking and sharing their content, but most importantly the fans let their voices heard through the comments. Some people come up with original and entertaining comments, some come up with an ancient joke, while some just waste everyone’s time. Everything in this article is written in good faith.

So let’s take a look at the 10 Types Of Indian Users That You Will Always Find In The Comments Section!

1. The Employers! They offer genuine jobs and you can earn up to Rs 2000 in a day. They are the ones who’ll eradicate unemployment completely. Iske Peeche Bhi Modi Ji Ka Haat hai Ji!


2. The Datasavers! Spending their precious time in working for the welfare of other users. They feel like a superhero after saving a few clicks. Here’s a piece of advice for all the Datasavers, stop doing it or you’ll be banned!

3. The Promoters! They are getting more and more innovative in advertising their page. Create a fake account, post a non-veg joke in the comments, and BANG! you’re starting to get more likes.

4. The Ancients! They come up with jokes, posts that are very old and outdated. Maybe they are using internet explorer or are new to the internet. Either way, step up the comments game guys!


5. The Intellectuals! They engage in critical study, thought, and reflection about the reality of society, and propose solutions for the normative problems of that society.

6. The Pictorials! Instead of writing unnecessary paragraphs or debating over silly issues, they use a picture to convey their thoughts in the most entertaining manner. We need more of them.

7. The Irrelevant Comment People! They comment something which is completely irrelevant to the post. Even they don’t know what they’re writing in their comments. Their only purpose is to get more and more likes.

8. The Tharkis! Such type of people should be banned from commenting. They try their luck on the internet, they scroll through the comments, and whenever they find a girl’s comment there, they can’t stop themselves from replying stupidly.

9. The Aspiring Politicians! These users have a sound knowledge of Indian politics. They can tell you all the pros and cons of a government policy, what the government should and shouldn’t do. At least they have a good amount of knowledge and information than Rahul Gandhi.

10. The Abusers! Their day is incomplete without abusing the admins. Every now and then they come to the page and abuse the admins because they find it cool. They are simply jealous of the admins.

So tell me, which one are you? I hope you enjoyed the article. Do you agree with the article? Feel free to share your views and opinions with us by commenting below. Thanks for reading.

Anshay Tomar
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