10 Unbreakable And Unbeatable Sports Records!

Hello people! Welcome back to Humor Nation! Being an athlete is not easy. Playing any sport requires a lot of work and dedication to a particular sport. Today, we are highlighting some unbeatable, impeccable sport records by athletes.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Unbreakable And Unbeatable Sports Records!

1. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is known as the greatest swimmer to ever record such a huge achievement. Any athlete may feel the epitome of his career, even if he manages to get 1 Olympic gold medal.  Michael Phelps has a record of getting 18 gold medals in his career. The next highest number is 9, which is exactly half of what Phelps have. It will take generations for this record to be broken.

2. Golden State Warriors

This team holds the NBA record for most wins in a season. In 1972, the LA Lakers manages 69 wins in one season which was considered as unbeatable. Basketball fans then, encountered such a great deliverance of sport after 24 years, when Chicago Bulls managed 70 wins under Jordan. It was finally recorded as the most wins, because in 20 years no one had been capable to top that. But, in 2016, The warriors, led by Stephen Curry had crossed the number and set that to 73. This is the highest record now and we may feel it is for next 20 years at the least.

3. Steffi Graf

She is undoubtedly a legendary tennis player. On 17 August 1987, she became the no. 1 woman tennis player in the world. She held that title for almost 4 years, until March 11 1991, for 184 weeks at no. 1 spot. She had many competitions though, but no one could ever top her. But, as of now people expect the may be Serena Williams may par that count.

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4. Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar

He holds the record for the most career points in the NBA history, with a startlin figure of 38387. Other legends like Jordan do not even come close to this. Jordan trails by 6000 points which is far very less. This man had a very astounding career and so many records like most minutes played and most goal made. Although these records are broken, but he was 21 and no one gonna break that.

5. Longest Tennis Match

In 2010, wimbledon match between American John Isner and French Nicolas Mahut is the longest tennis game  since records began. The game started on 22 of June and had to be postponed until the next day because of fading light. Even the nest day, same thing happened. On the third day, John finally won. This match lasted for 11 hours and 5 minutes.

10 Unbeatable Sports Records!


6. Paula Radcliffe

Paula currently holds a record of fastest women marathon time of all the time. In 2003, she ran in London Marathon and finished it in 2 hours 15 minutes and 25 seconds. This was the time she broke her own record by 3 minutes. Since then no one had even came close to her in last 13 years. People believe that what Paula said in an interview that only her daughter Ila will break the record may come true.

7. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is the fastest man not in the world, but on the planet. He ran 100 meters in 9.58 seconds only. He holds three records for this and he is the only person who could beat that. People says that it is humanly impossible to break this record. Also, in 7 years, no one had come close to this score. He is the only competition of himself. So, the next time when his record gets broken, he will be the only one at top.

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8. Cy Young

In his 22 year-long career in MLB,he managed 511 wins. This is possibly the greatest baseball record ever made. Walter Johnson stand in the next place with 417, which is exactly 100 less that Cy Young. Many Baseball fans believe that his record is unbeatable but still some players are coming up with new technicalities of the game.

9. Wilt Chamberlain

In 1961, Wilt shocked the world by scoring 78 points in one game. Just three months later, Wilt himself broken his own record by 22 points, i.e., he scored a 100 points in one game. It is been 54 years, and this record is still held by Wilt. People wonder that is this ever going to change? Although, there are many spectacular players trying. Time will tell the rest.

10. Wayne Gretzky

During his 20 years long career, from 1979-1999, he racked up more NHL records than anyone thought would be possible. He took away a mind-blowing 2,857 career points which are 1000 more than the second place. The average number a professional hockey player gets per season is 112, even if they bring that up to 140 and play consistently for 20 years, they wouldn’t be able to manage to get par Wayne. He is such an amazing player of all the time.

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