10 Unbelievable Celebrity Transformations!

I know you beautiful people! Welcome back to Humor Nation, the entertainment platform where we package weird and wonderful things in a little box for you to unwrap with your eyes. Just that weird where am I going with this, we’re not sure. Today we have the top celebrity transformations. Celebrities that you know and the one that you love who have undergone crazy transformations. So let’s get going, shall we?

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Unbelievable Celebrity Transformations That You Won’t Believe!

10. Adele

10 Unbelievable Celebrity Transformations!

In at number we have Adele. So before she released her life changing album ’19’, Adele was your average teenager from Tottenham in London. She did not even know that she was about to become possibly what is the world’s most famous female soloist of our time. The difference between Adele in 2008 and 2016 is insane. So back in 2008, we see a very different Adele than we see today. Se’s your typical London teenager maybe a little bit  overweight, but still super cute with a slightly dubious sense of fashion. Now she has been Hollywood eyes, she’s lost a bit weight, she’s got fabulous hair, look at her on sleek eyebrows and her nails. She is quite the transformation. Good news is the transformation hasn’t affected her music.

9. Taylor Momsen

So between the years of 2000 and 2007, she changed quite a bit from the cute little singer with the crazy hair in the Grinch, she transformed into sassy Jenny Humphreys in the gossip girl. I think she’s almost unrecognizable, but I guess that’s what growing up will do to some people and like a whole bunch of eyeliner.

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8. Jake Gyllenhaal

In at number eight we have Jake Gyllenhaal. Now with this list I’ve picked a few people who have transformed for specific roles or specific reasons rather than just like growing up. Jake Gyllenhaal is one of them. So usually Jake Gyllenhaal looks you know like Jake Gyllenhaal, but not in the movie “Southpaw”. So Jake seriously beefed up to play boxer Billy Hope, he reportedly did 2000 sit-ups a day to put on 30 pounds of muscle. You can see the difference right here, I mean oh my god is just the same guy.

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