10 Insane Things About North Korean Schools!

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Hello readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. You have read a lot about North Korea through our page. This is another lesser known thing about it. Today, we will be briefing about the education system, primarily the schools of North Korea. What all things are there which happen with kids those who go to schools.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Insane Things About North Korean Schools!!

1. Military Preparations

North Korean kids are exceptionally performing kids. Even while in kindergarten, they cannot be kids. They start their military training too. In school time only, they are forced to start their combat training so that they can be part of military. They are made older than they actually are. No kid live a children life in North Korea.

2. Smart Class Rooms

North Korea does not let homes use internet. Their are only 28 websites allowed in North Korea, also these are only accessible through schools. They will soon be enhancing the technical methods of teaching in schools.

3. Textbooks

While everyone of us believe that textbooks displays the most useful facts. In North Korea, their textbooks shows fictional stories. They are only filled with their leader Kim Jong Un’s exceptional talents, which we highly doubt. One of the textbook excerpt says that he learned to drive cars while he was just 3 years old. Can that be true?

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4. Elite School or Bust

In North Korea, only children belonging to wealthy families are provided with better education facilities. Children born to poor families, gets punished for all the wrong their parents did. They are sent for labors. This even affect the psychology of the child very harshly.

5. Politics

Children are taught very aggressively, when it comes to political field. They are fed with the education which compels them to hate America.  While in childhood, they are been taken to a museum where there are facts stated from the Korean war. Children of North Korea are forced since their childhood to be anti- American.


6. Languages Learned

As the whole world puts an emphasize on learning different languages, along with American English. This is not the same with North Korea. Due to their hatred to America, children’s are forced to learn British English and other secondary languages.

7. Parents Pay

While schools in North Korea runs on government aids, there are some expenses that parents have to pay. And if they don’t, children gets punished. Also, sometimes, they family falls out of political favor. The expenses however is very high too.

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8. Literacy

North Korea claims that they have 100% literacy rate, which is the highest possible number any country have. Countries with all resources could not achieve that. Although, this can be thought to be true, because North Korea have very strict rules, when it comes to education.

10 Insane Things About North Korean Schools!

9. Portraits

Every place in North Korea have portraits of their leader. They are put their so as o remind children that they are watching them. In labs, classes, grounds and other places, these portraits are hung.

10. The Children’s Union

North Korean children at the age of 10 are made to join Korean Children’s Union. This is a club which the brightest gets to join first. In this union children are made to abide rules and are groomed to be a better citizen of the country.

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