10 Weird And Strange Hobbies Of Famous Celebrities

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor NationThere are many people who decide to be something but end up being something absolutely different. And this is the time when their passion changes to hobbies.

The hobbies are acceptable but some are too uncanny and unique. Even celebrities add such weird pastimes to their routines.

These are a few known celebs who have the mentioned uncanny hobbies for their pastime.

10. George Clooney – Makes Shoes

George was asked about his hobby at an award show. To this, he revealed an uncanny fact about himself. In his free time, he likes to make shoes. He is a good cobbler.

10 Weird And Strange Hobbies Of Famous Celebrities

9. Jared Leto – Dresses in Drag

He is one amongst the sexiest men in Hollywood. Once for a role, he was transformed into a woman. Since then, dressing the similar way is his hobby.

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8. Hunter S. Thompson – Build Bombs and Shot Guns

Thompson himself was a weird personality. He was a drug addict and always kept guns and explosives. After his death, his hobby of building guns and bombs was revealed.

7. Bill Murray – Shows Up Everywhere

Comedy is the king of Murray’s career. Whenever he gets time, he sits with commoners and lightens up the environment by his awesome sense of humor.

6. Nicolas Cage – Collects everything

Cage is fond of collections. His hobby of collecting comics is hidden from none. He also collects the rare things that are feasible to him.

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