10 Unexplained Photos From Mars!

Hey ya! people. How you doing? Welcome back to Humor Nation. Technology is advancing day by day. If you keep a close eye on news, you would know that we have reached to explore other planets too. Even, missions to Mars have also been performed. There is a light possibility that alien exists. Also, Mars have its own kind of life on it like we have on earth. There are some images from Mars, that are left unexplained. Let us see what are they.

So, Let us have a look over 10 strange pictures from mars:

1. The Face

In 1976, Viking I flew over the surface of Mars, and snapped this picture. This is a face, and it seem like may be an alien is buried under the surface. When in 2001, the picture was zoomed it, results shown that it’s not even structure of face. But, may be there exist Martians? Who knows.

2. The Pyramid

This news of pyramid got people into talking. It was believed that aliens have some hand in making pyramids of Egypt. However, scientists refused any sort of confirmation. They instead said, it is just a coincidence. It is just a shaped rock, that is only 4 inches tall.

3. The Ancient Statue

This picture from Mars, looks like some sort of head lying on the surface. This appears as of a head of any ancient statue. Maybe, the statue is depiction of some Martian god. Experts says the this is the mere case of human imagination and lighting. Although, there is something fishy.

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4. The Bust

When NASA’s spirit rover sent back these pictures to earth, alien watchers were drawn to one frame. The picture looks like any other picture of surface. But, when looked closer, it appears to be like bust of human being. This is referred to as some bust of the rock statue too. Scientists says that it is just a rock formation. Although, some says, it looks like Barack Obama. Okay! Is there something Obama is hiding from all.

5. The Spaceship

When the rover sen this pictures in 2015, some people started to think very much. The dark triangular object didn’t fit in with the surrounding and looked like some sort of spaceship. It was think as a UFO, a small Martian patrol craft, a star destroyer so on and so forth. NASA, however denied even slight possibility of such item by saying it is just rock formation combined with our imagination.


6. The Fish

The curiosity rover sent this image from mars. It looked like the fossil of a fish. Was the life possible on mars in history? As there is no water dissolved oxygen to support fish’s life, but what if there had been any possibility. The world is weird!

7. The Alien

Are there aliens on mars. Maybe, this image suggests so. But NASA refuses the statement by saying it is just another stupid imagination. There is no aliens on mars. But, if you pay a close attention to image it, says something different.

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8. The Martian Stonehenge

In nature, symmetry and straight lines can be rather hard to come by. So, when people look this rock formation on mars, they started getting excited. Dubbed ‘marshenge’ the circular pattern of rocks discovered on the martian surface, had believers thinking that aliens had to have hand in it. Much like, other clues they thought that it was an evidence of alien existence. Again, researchers said that the whole thing is a result of natural processes and not aliens.

9. The Busty Ghost

When this picture came to earth. It appeared like a woman ghost, with long hair and cut dress standing. However, it was again denied, but research is still in process to find what actually are the contents of mars. Very soon, we will get to know much-needed information.

10. The Light 

This was another picture curiosity took. It shows the flash of light coming from far behind. This time researchers didn’t come up with any theory of human imagination. They instead said that these are cosmic rays reflecting from the surfaces. What actually it is, is still unexplained.

10 Unexplained Photos From Mars!

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