10 Horror And Scary Traditions Celebrated Around The World

Hey Readers! Welcome To Humor Nation. Halloween in itself is a unique foreign tradition. It’s November beginnings and already you can feel the Halloween vibes around you. But how many of us know there are different traditions that relate to this festival? Take a look at 10 Horror And Scary Traditions Celebrated Around The World

Don’t just stop at the pumpkin popups in your head when you hear about Halloween. It is largely a commercial day. There is no defined rule to Halloween and different nations celebrate it all their way.

Here are a few unique ways in which different countries plan their Halloween eve. Check out the scary traditions that maybe you have never heard about!

1. Devil Calls For Cabbage Night

In some parts of Ireland, little girls unearth and decorate a cabbage in some creepy way. This was further used to prank on the neighbors. The cabbage night was 1st November every year.

2. Stingy Jack and Turnips

The hollow fruit cuttings relate to an old tale back in the history. People make those pumpkin lanterns to keep away the devil soul of stingy jack.

3. Soul Cake

These are the desert for the devil. It is just another cookie cake with raisin toppings. The raisins form a cross shape over it.

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4. Hags, Heads And Animal Sacrifice

The Halloween represents a homecoming of evil souls. People sacrificed animals to welcome them. Also, they wore clothes made of animal skin.

5. The Day Of The Skull

This is a tradition from Bolivia. The residents here decorate human skulls. They use glasses, leaves, flowers and other decoratives for the purpose.

10 Scary And Horror Traditions Celebrated Around The World

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